The fence in the dream

The appearance in dreams of the fence can have different values. The interpretation of the famous dream books you will find in this article.

Dream interpretation parkan

Dream interpretation fence

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Destroy the fence – your business will decline.

Building a fence – means that there will be people who will render you assistance in criminal matters, will be your patron.

Climbed on the fence? An extremely important case, which it is now engaged, soon successfully completed.

If you undertook the crushing case, dream that fell off the fence.

The fence in the dream is a symbol of obstacles that await you.

Managed to overcome the fence, means, and difficulties will be overcome.

If you dream that you want, but failed to climb over the fence, possible stagnation and insurmountable obstacles in Affairs.

Esoteric dream book

In this dream, the fence is treated as a separation from loved ones or insurmountable problems.

On the way of solving problems will tell you the way to overcome the dream of the fence.

If you are creating a fence, you should make other, more effective methods for protection from the enemy.

Your actions will be futile, will only hurt you if I climbed over the fence in his sleep.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

Fence means separation, some difficulties.

To dream of a fence with a hole – death to whom it belongs.

Women’s dream book

You knocked over a fence to go where you want – so you will be able to achieve the almost impossible by using energetic actions.

Your thing you will accomplish if dreamt fell from the fence.

If the girl in the dream is building a fence, you can count on the appearance of spiritual intimacy with the beloved.

The fence is a symbol of prosperity and successful creation if you dream that you build it.

To achieve their goals you use unworthy methods if saw climb over the fence.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Had down the fence? Be prepared for the fact that you will encounter minor trouble. Of course, they will annoy you, but please be patient. Cool and calm will help you.

The danger is to your property, if you see a broken fence. In the dream the broken fence the herd of animals – the support will come quite unexpectedly. Trust your luck.

In the dream demolished the fence prevents movement? You will finally be able to get rid of unnecessary memories. You can safely move forward.

Metal fence dream, to remind you: the enemies are trying to stop you. Consider your actions to protect yourself from it.

The fence – the symbol is ambiguous. This dream may be related both to physical safety and the spiritual. We need to understand and make the right decision.

Paint the fence – to change the place of residence. To cope with the move successfully.

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