What dream feet

Dreams involving their own or other people’s legs can sometimes indicate a hidden sexual motives, future love or grief. What still have legs? Often to find a way to avoid hostile, unpleasant situations, the need to act.

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What dream feet


  • Look at dirty feet: you have a passion or the insatiable love.
  • Look for swollen, aching feet: to suffer damages associated with the disadvantageous for you enterprise. Wounded limbs – take it as a warning sign of a possible accident. Cut legs – your confidence and friendship will be crossed out.
  • Thin curves: a family quarrel or prepare for the fact that your companion will change.
  • Wash your feet in a dream – to joy or travel.
  • Beautiful legs, slender: likely bold words, you will alienate the person who did not deserve such treatment.
  • A broken leg: will be dealing with a suspicious lender or you are waiting for unprofitable enterprises.
  • Amputation: are you overly protective of someone in the family, and you will suffer. Gangrene of the feet – do not rush to help someone, not to harm its own interests.
  • Wash other people’s feet in a dream: you have made someone happy.
  • See his prosthetic limbs: those who are willing to help you, deceived wrapped you around his finger.
  • Insensitive feet: on your way to be a man, he will bring you a lot of unpleasant experiences.
  • To play ball, to pedal – you are waiting for the court case.

To see a basement window, and had it go many feet of passers – homes will find the thing you lost.

  • Walking in a dream upside down: beware you dizzy and you lose your pride from the surging passionate feelings.
  • Feet hair: you want to rule over all, especially over her husband. Pets suffering from your despotism.
  • Someone showered with kisses your feet: you will get full authority over this person.
  • You are showered with kisses feet of others: persistent cavalier will achieve intimacy with you. And will you do it to spite your partner or a marriage companion.
  • To warm your feet by the fire: the family peace finally comes.
  • You see, as you walk barefoot in the cold: imagine a long road.
  • Feet burned: his silly vanity you will repel people, and he could make you happy (second).
  • Are you trying to put your shoes on in a dream: obstacles will come from not waiting.
  • To shave my legs in my sleep: you will lose your friend.
  • Sleepwalking barefoot on hot coals and glass: a good sign is a happiness in the future, as well as loyal friends. Ice: you will find a difficult situation, if you will not be able to firmly defend their rights in the field.
  • The wind lifted the dress so that you can see the hips: sexual satisfaction or a good deal.
  • Knees: you can seduce a scoundrel.
  • Look at your naked feet: a new love affair. Dirty feet – you leave the alarm. You have wide feet – wait, there’s an accident. If the foot is curved – perhaps waiting for an interesting acquaintance.
  • A woman sees her dream legs soap: guardianship and patronage of a wealthy man.
  • Others hip: happiness in love or a successful marriage.
  • Legs in venous nodes: loss of business.
  • Fracture of the ankle joint: you will fail because of your rash actions.
  • In a dream you look at the beautiful calf: a good sign that augurs well for a peaceful old age surrounded by children and grandchildren, as well as the future without problems.

Ancient dream interpretation

As in ancient times explained the dreams associated with the feet of our predecessors:

  • You look at your dirty limbs: most likely, trouble on the doorstep.
  • You wash your feet, smear them with something in a dream – to joy or enjoyable trips.
  • Wipe before you enter the building: you will give something.
  • Look at your curves legs: you will be able to fend off enemies or to recognize them. Feet are swollen – help from true friends. Thick–, thin – to grumpiness from loved ones. Long – levity, for female trouble, for men to get gain.
  • To see one foot in normal, and the second is not, for example, a curve, lame: your loved ones gets sick, will the harms of inaction.
  • What dream feet, broken in the dream: your heart hopes did not materialize. But if he broke two legs – the future of death in a foreign land, abroad.
  • You’re in a dream suddenly cut his leg or got her pain: there is the danger of a too movable, carefree nature, no caution.
  • Walking with crutches: you will become someone’s disciple, you may learn something anew.
  • You can see that instead of legs you have dentures you will be on the road or will you live for others, not their thoughts.
  • Your leg amputated: you are in a bad environment, but do not notice it.
  • The woman washed her dirty feet in your sleep: waiting for her trouble.
  • You gave the wrong feet: joyful sign – you will get support and assistance.
  • Your feet have become huge: knowingly procrastinate – go for it!
  • Scaly legs full of sores: your evil inclinations and sins will lead to degradation.
  • If you are a man and I see beautiful legs, it is likely that you sit latent homosexual tendencies. For both genders it still means a desire of sex.
  • If a woman is obsessive and take care of their own feet in a dream: hidden lesbian tendencies.
  • Legs like filled with lead: the damage from the inertia of their mental life.
  • To move feet in a dream of water: a lot of talk about you. If crossing a shallow Ford – the conversations are good. If goes into a deep broad holds you in very bad gossiping, gossiping.

Very well, if you dream you successfully crossed a water stream or a Creek to Wade – it means the same success in business. If not – if things go bad, figuratively speaking, in the house there is no bread.

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