What was the dream of excrement

Feces in a dream evidence of problems in personal life. Rather, sleep is hiding something secret in his mind Matures cunning plan. To explain the dream in more detail, remembering the details of the vision.

feces in my dream

To see feces in the dream

Spring dream interpretation

To dream of bird droppings – damage hand to the disease. Also this dream suggests that you act lightly, «flying» over the problems, and it will end badly for you.

Dream interpretation of the psychologist Freud.

Human excrement – you suffer because of the actions of others to offend you, but you can’t stand up for themselves.

On your body to get into an awkward situation.

To wipe with one’s own body – to avoid trouble, to get out of a difficult situation with dignity;

To get dirty in other people’s feces is to witness strange mysteries, to intervene in someone else’s life, to the cards in the struggle with the enemy.

Persian dream interpretation Tatlisi

Feces in a dream in this dream provide greater financial profit. You can become rich heir or to win.

Idiomatic dream book

Animal’s excrement (manure) is to get into a difficult position.

Getting your hands dirty, excrement – you can become a member of an insidious plan.

To see their droppings – cynical attitude to lead to loneliness and a bad reputation.

To see on your body is to get into a difficult situation, and get involved in dirty business.

Dream Meridian

To dream of feces to ruin his reputation. The more poop you see in the dream, the harder it will be circumstances in which you will get.

Smudge – complicate the already complicated case;

In the mouth everything you say will be used against you;

A large number – as they say, trouble never comes alone – wait for a number of misfortunes;

To wash, wipe your attempts to fix the difficult situation will be evaluated;

Sculpt from excrement – condemnation, loss of respect, problems at work, poverty;

Animal’s excrement (to step) is to make a profit, remuneration;

Bird droppings – all that has been achieved work will be quickly lost.

Esoteric dream book

In dream interpretation excrement are described as the inability to get out of the predicament. If the sleeping will be able to clean away the dirt, then he will avoid condemnation, punishment and human society. To see the droppings – a good sign for women, in their case, such a dream could Herald a happy event associated with the home and family.

Family dream book

If you have a dream of excrement, you should think about home improvement. Maybe it’s time to do the repairs or upgrade the finish. Excrement in the house on the table – profits.

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