What dreams February

February symbolizes new beginnings, and warns about possible errors. If correctly interpreted, what dreams February, then you can try to avoid trouble, to go on the correct path and achieve good results.

February dream

February dream

Dream Interpretation Adaskina

If you see the February snow storms and strong wind in your life can begin a bad change. Such a dream may indicate the illness of relatives. Good weather in February with bright sunshine – the improvement of family life, reconciliation.

Numerological dream book

Dreams of February is favorable for people who are engaged in creative work. If the sleeper sees the dream, his life will be new projects, he will be able to realize their plans. If you are uncomfortable and cold, blowing a Blizzard, a careless act or a bad word can hurt someone. In addition, the dream warns of trouble at work that happen to your error or guilt. Try to control your emotions and not say anything we’ll regret.

Dream Interpretation Vasiliev

In matters that seem very difficult can help friends. If strongly it is blowing a Blizzard, avoid quarrels, they will have a negative impact on your future.

The newest dream book

  • To go to the February snowstorm – the discord in the relationship;
  • To hide from a Blizzard to seek help;
  • Wrap up in clothes, the lack of understanding from others.

The Dream Of Pythagoras

February in a dream portends auspicious events. For those who started a new business, this vision is evidence of the correct choice. Special attention should be paid to the details of sleep if you are cold, noise may appear. Rejoice in February during sleep – to cope with the trouble.

Dream Meridian

  • To walk in February – to question;
  • To hide from blizzards – the unpleasant chores;
  • Not to find shelter – you can’t do it without help;
  • To see the sun in February – to be frightened, to wonder;
  • To give birth in February – a new business will bring profit and pleasure;
  • Grass in February – you are trying to mislead.

In February the dream symbolizes that the dreamer is waiting for a change and want to start something new.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

If in the dream there are pleasant events in February, life will change for the better. Severe storms – you are on the right track. Rain in February is to learn something new, to be shocked. Feel the frozen, unprotected solitude, troubles, losses. If the sleeper is unable to get out of a heavy Blizzard, he faces the difficult events that can lead to quarrels and loss of friends.

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