What damn dream?

What damn dream? This evil character seduces good people of the secret temptations and adventurers and players promises luck and success. Other interpretations of dreams involving the hell can you learn from dream books.

What dreams hell dream

What dreams hell dream

English dream interpretation

The devils, appeared in dreams, foreseeing the troubles and misfortunes. The world will seem bleak, life – unfortunate misunderstanding, and the environment – stupid and annoying.

Oriental dream book

The appearance of a living hell in the night «dram» to sorrow, dead to joy. If a woman leads a gambling dispute with a sly, soon after she parted with her husband. For students, this dream means failure in the exams.

Family dream book

The devil in a dream warn from the random connections that can lead to serious problems. If you see yourself in the image trait to financial losses due to illicit pleasures.

Autumn dream interpretation

Had a little devil? To achieve success you will have to give a bribe.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Had a damn? You will pay attention to the power structures: the police or tax authorities. If he tries to engage you in hell, reality will have to escape from a sudden trouble. You are in the center of a circle of dancing demons, is not allowed to leave? This dream portends career growth, but problems in his personal life.

Escape from devils is to identify the betrayal of friends.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Hell in a dream means good luck in business and career growth. The main thing – not to feel better than others: pride will lead to the loss made. A conversation with sly warns of danger or an accident: be careful.

A modern dream book

For farmers this dream to a bad harvest, for athletes, gambling and people – to unnecessary risk. If the devil came in a dream in the form of the imposing, handsome man in expensive clothes, you have the haters who will stop at nothing. Young beauties devils dream to the emergence of resistant married fans. Women dream warns: do not trust the stranger, he turns out to be a fraud.

For men, the appearance of the devil in a dream signifies a meeting with a depraved lady, who motivates’s infidelity.

Erotic dream book

To dream of hell suggests that you like power over other people. In fear to escape from the hell – the prevention of rape.

Small dream book of Veles

If you saw the imps – the good news, kiss the devil warns of the danger. Escape from evil or to defeat him is to get rid of troubles and enemies.

Summer dream

If you dream of imps, it is necessary to monitor closely the children: they can do anything stupid.

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