What does the feast in the dream?

No matter how a person’s celebration is definitely arranged a feast. What a dream meal, tell different interpreters.

what a dream meal

Dream interpretation what dreams feast

A modern dream book

In the dream you watched as the cook dishes and make them table – in reality will enjoy prosperous life with some stability. When had a meal, a feeling of anxiety, in reality, have to face the trouble at the time, when you least expect it. If you were in the company of people who also took part in the drinking festivities, you will encounter only peace and understanding individuals. When in the dream you were eating at the table, not covered with a cloth, then in reality you are independent and self-sufficient person. I dreamt that a table with a dirty tablecloth – in reality faced with the disobedience of a child or employee. If beheld an empty table in a dream means that in reality will face devoid of life.

Women’s dream book

By dream feast foreshadows the woman long-awaited pregnancy will occur easily. That is, to see to ladies sleep with mealtime feast – a good sign. Before the onset of life, full of joyful events – that’s what dreams celebration. When you saw the feast in the dream, with a large number of guests, will soon have a big event (maybe you have to get married or get a good job offer). Also, this dream may portend new highs and acquiring great popularity. When in the dream you were sitting at the head of the table, will you honor and respect.

Oriental dream book

By dream set the table for the feast, so soon you can expect a rich life. When in the dream of the feast causes a feeling of worry and anxiety, so in reality you will find trouble and it is not known which corner. You had to be among the guests that are invited to a solemn feast, – in reality you will encounter only with good personalities, who can become good mentors and advisers. To the unfortunate and poor life can position in the dream, the tables are not covered with dishes.

Small dream book of Veles

Had a meal guarantee good. Saw feast, which brought together many ladies – in reality, you await the tears and the gossip.

Online dream book

Saw that they are preparing for the feast table? In reality, your family will always prevail prosperity and peace. When in the dream you were invited to a feast and you were in the circle of lovely people, in reality you will meet good and nice people.

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