What dreams favorite

Often loved ones come to us in sleep, what dreams favorite person? It is necessary to consider all the nuances of the vision.

Favorite dream

Favorite dream

Dream Meridian

If you had beloved, with whom I meet, and in the dream you tried to hide your meeting, the meeting was held in a secret place – by the appearance among friends ridiculous rumors about your pair.

If a loved dream meets another girl, this dream should not be viewed as a warning. Probably costs less to trust their secrets to close friends, some of them do not appreciate your location.

If in a dream because of the betrayal you have made the decision to leave, so in reality you do not really value your lover and subconsciously considering it.

Fight with boyfriend in a dream – in reality he will soon appoint a date.

What a dream favorite person and quarrel with him? This dream is not always interpreted as negative. He foretells that in your relationship will spark, the passion will return. But if in reality in a relationship there are conflicts and unresolved differences, sleep should be viewed as a subconscious attempt of the brain to solve this situation.

If in the dream your husband has a relationship with another woman, it signals the problems in your relationship. Some of you long been thinking about breaking up. You need to think whether or not you want to continue the relationship with that person.

If in a dream a loved one changes, and you are very upset by this situation – you’re too fixated on your partner and are afraid of infidelity on his part. Such a dream – a reason to work on yourself, you should add confidence.

Favorite person in my sleep – always the sign that it occupies a lot of space in your thoughts and your life.

Psychological dream dictionary

According to S. Freud, the man in the dream is always the symbol of the erotic relationship. Your attitude toward the beloved in a dream projected on your attitude to the sexual side of your life. A dream where her beloved husband is threatened – in fact, you do not want to lose him.

In G. Miller phenomenon the man she loved in a dream is interpreted in different ways. If you’re kissing in a dark, poorly lit area, it symbolizes your unwillingness to discuss my personal life with acquaintances. If your meeting in the dream was in a secret place, you are ready to condemn you as a couple others.

Perhaps you will hear about a variety of gossip and rumors regarding your relationship with your husband. If you kiss under the light, relationships will develop rapidly, your novel is not in danger. To dream of a loved one with a girl – in life you overly jealous.

Favorite dream ignores you, is not going to touch in life will soon be a fan have a choice. To dream yourself happy with a male to your future together. Joyous dreams with a loved one promise of a prosperous family life.

The collision of the dream with the betrayal is a kind of warning, think about it, not too much you trust your husband, maybe he is just using your kindness.

If in a dream beloved gave you his picture, his interest in your relationship selfish, if presented valuable and expensive gift – a woman this dream promises a successful marriage. Harmonious family life and promises a dream in which you and a loved one just doing a walk.

If in a dream he saw a joint dinner with your loved one, you have to be wary, the dream foretells a quarrel over nothing. To say goodbye to loved – soon separation in reality, but if you dream you are upset because of the breakup, you will quickly be comforted.

Women’s dream book

According to this dream book, what favorite quarreled and even fought with you in a dream, to strengthen your relationship in real life. If in the dream a man asks you to dress warmly or gives your clothes, then your relationship is stronger and deeper than you think. If at the same time saw a loved one in a dream and fire your feelings are very strong.

The dream of modernity

If a young girl had her husband, this dream is regarded as positive. In the dream there were hugs, kisses, the vision suggests that you can count on your partner and he is always ready to help in difficult times, even if life is trying to be more restrained and not showing all of the senses. To see yourself in a wedding dress with your beloved – will soon be not too pleasant changes related to your relationships, lurks disappointment in the loved one.

For the interpretation of sleep is important, how you saw her beloved husband. If he was naked, subconsciously you are unsure of what your future will be happy and you really need to link their destiny with that person. It can also mean that you thatitis future acquaintance with his family.

If in the dream your husband made a choice in favor of another woman, it means that in real life he will have a rival for your attention will have to fight.

What dream about beloved man, who left without warning and moved to another city? It is a symbol of fear that her husband was not serious to you.

To dream that a loved one came to you after a long separation is a signal that soon will have to part for a short time, but this separation will benefit both.

If in the dream a young girl awaiting her lover and could not wait, so she’s wasting her life. She should listen to the advice of elders.

In a dream to praise the man she loved for anything- to pleasant surprises on the job, colleagues or boss will show a sudden interest.

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