What does a dream about a friend of a woman

French dream book

This dream familiar woman in the dream is interpreted depending on its location: in the temple – comfort in living quarters – plans, changes that lead to better, when buying jewelry in the store – success, wealth. Suffering or evil girl is familiar in order to become a diligent and conscientious, which later will be rewarded.

Sleep friend

What does a dream where a friend of a pregnant woman

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Almost always in the dream a woman is a good sign. If the girl was with a stroller, it speaks about a serious relationship, planned in the near future. Sick woman symbolizes the fortitude, typical for someone who sees the dream. All attempts to bring harm fails. If girls I dream of friends, it can lead to jealousy on the part of the husband. Often this emotion is groundless. To dream colleague portends difficulties to cope with which will help lateral thinking and creativity.

Dream Meridian

If in the dream a friend of the woman found the guy, it could mean the success or good fortune in the near future. Her argument suggests that someone planned a hoax.

For men to be a woman in a dream – a bad sign. The young man change sex in a dream foretells a successful theatrical career. Women who saw in a dream someone should prepare for the unfounded jealousy of the partner.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov E.

For men Nude woman signifies illness, trouble, the brunette is the empty talk, the old quarrel. Stranger in a dream the fair sex symbolizes trouble. In men it portends the temptation in his career or business.

Old Russian dream book

If in his dreams he saw a familiar brunette should be prepared for health problems. Blonde is an unexpected benefit or refute gossip.

  • The white face of the girl in a dream means good news.
  • Darkie could Herald a mild illness that lasts a few days.
  • Beautiful female men promise joy and pleasure and the opposite sex – jealousy and gossip.

Small dream book of Veles

In the case where in the dream a friend of the girl seems pregnant, it is good news. To kiss women for men symbolizes illness and gossip. If the girl in the dream is angry, we can expect storms. A woman with a bucket talking about profit, success in business, good news. Several members of the fairer sex in a dream symbolizes the betrayal of a loved one.

Ukrainian dream book

  • When in a dream a friend of a pregnant woman walks on water, it promises a successful delivery.
  • Old seems to the disease, trouble.
  • If a woman has a child, then we should expect trouble.
  • To kiss a girl in the dream for men promises the disease, unpleasant conversations.
  • To be between two women leads to unexpected secrets and betrayals.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A pregnant friend in the dream for men to the good news, no makeup girl – flattery. In most cases, the woman is considered a sign of gossip and empty talk. The girl with long hair talking about upcoming pleasant events, and the Fox is dreaming to neglect thoughts of the sleeper. If a woman saw in a dream herself ugly and unkempt, it can wait a quarrel with her husband, where she will be to blame.


When in the dream the friend is sympathetic, we can expect deception on the part of close friends. For men lay between the two girls symbolizes recovery. A pregnant woman speaks of hopes and plans for the future.

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