To fall in sleep

All items, actions and even the mood in the dream have a meaning. Had a dream where I had to fall? Remember the details and learn how your dream interpret various dreams.

What a dream to fall

What a dream to fall

French dream book

If you dream you fell, but immediately stood up is a good sign: expect the welfare and well-deserved recognition of your merit; lifting failed – a dream foretells misfortune.

English dream interpretation

What a dream to fall from a height – a dream promises money or property to the deprivation, loss of status in society; for lovers – a useless demonstration of the love object of his affection, the wedding will not happen; for entrepreneurs, failure in business, money problems; for going to sea – a catastrophe on the road, the shipwreck.

The American dream

Falling in a dream – a reflection of uncertainty in the forces, inability to control their actions and life events.

Italian dream

To fall in sleep is a sign of the collapse of romantic hopes and fears of collapse of a relationship, loss in career, inability to solve problems independently, fear of death or of loss of purpose and meaning in life from foreign influence.

If you see your falling in a dream, this portends joy.

Medieval dream book

Falling in dream – dream interpretation promises of resentment, hardship, anxiety, fear, trouble, poverty; in the pit – the sign of great disaster: fire, death in the water – hidden not happen; with height – seriously ill, with a good landing problems will be solved, you will recover, will achieve harmony and balance.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

If you dream you are falling off a cliff, tall building or in a pit – a symbol of the infeasibility of your plans, exposing the ugly secrets that the interference of evil forces in your life and the loss of status, status, or honor; in the pit – to illness or deterioration in social status; of the horse – the adventure will have to pay; on the run – you will succeed, but will have to wait; with the transportation movement plan, you will have to start from scratch.

Wake up in fear, seeing the fall in sleep, change in illness or crisis, ahead of the recovery.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Falling in a dream – a symbol of the ability to undergo sexual harassment; men – the fear of failure in intimate relationships.

The Dream Miller

Experience a fright when falling in a dream – on the road to success you have to overcome a lot of difficulties, but all will end well; badly injured in the fall into poverty or rupture of friendly relations.

Dream Interpretation Longo

The sensation of falling in a dream interprets as a sign of trouble in all spheres of life.

Fell from a great height – expect a series of unpleasant events, problems attack you from all sides and for a long time will unsettle. To recover from this you will be able with great difficulty.

Fell from small heights – ahead of you are challenges and problems that require effort to solve them. But the test will be short-lived, and soon your life will return joy and harmony.

Badly hurt in the fall and feel excruciating pain – to the disappointment and despair of fatigue and a long inability to change situations for the better.

Saw the fall of another person – will come to help a friend in distress.

A modern dream book

What a dream to fall in a dream – a warning about unexpected obstacles in business, a symbol of fear of failure.

Causeless falling of the blue – the case, which had high hopes, disappoint unpleasant surprise.

Slip or trip and fall in a dream – warning: temporarily postpone all risky.

To fall from a great height – a sign of greater honors and career growth; stair you in a difficult position, made in the Affairs of embarrassing blunders threaten to turn into a big trouble; from the bed, the dream indicates that now is not the time to relax, loss of control over the situation can cause serious problems.

Climb up and fall from a height – the planned enterprise would be prohibitive. You can try to implement his plan, but then you first need to relax and recharge.

Drop to run in a dream dream interpretation dreaming of an unexpected serious obstacles. Be careful, cautious work.

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