The dream factory: the symbol of the career jerks

The plant is the personification of events, the turbulent flow of business, activity and energy. In dreams, this character comes with different values and is treated by the downers in General as neutral or connected with the forthcoming changes. Can mean both positive and negative events, including happen without a conscious choice of hibernation.

dream factory

Dream factory: the interpretation of dreams

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Modern dream interpretation to dream of a factory means different, not always positive changes, for example, it may be a harbinger of trouble, to overcome difficulties that arise in work or study.

If the person is involved in the construction of the plant, this means a close and significant benefits. Aimless movement on the territory – a symbol of the small but annoying losses or inconveniences.

As in real life, a fire at the plant in a dream means losses, a deserted factory or another enterprise – the betrayal of loved ones.

Dream Interpretation Freud

According to psychologist, if you dream big and fully operational plant, this may mean that very soon a new man. Active and resolute, he will involve in the partnership, infecting their energy, endeavours and aspirations in business. But very soon you may find that for him, this partnership is simply an accurate calculation, in which the sleeping is only a minor role tool.

Abandoned, deserted factory dream to a cooling of feelings for a loved one, or are having love will be mutual.

Erotic dream book

Interesting interpretation if you dream of a dream in which the plant is crowded and busy, you will soon have to take part in group orgies. And this may happen without explicit initiatives are sleeping, for example, when he will be under the influence of alcohol. Or the person will be part of a group sex without his desire.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The smoke from the pipe dream factory means approach a challenge in life, which, however, is not insurmountable. On the interpretation of dreams Pilgrim dream factory, where the production process symbolizes the normal course of business, workflow. In General, a factory or an enterprise is represented as a human body and going on in it.

Dream Interpretation Of Ukraine

Factory visit symbolizes unexpected experience beneficial for human consequences. If the plant is just within sight, a sign could carry the news of future losses due to theft.

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