What does it mean to dream face

The American dream

If you were able to observe only part of his face or the images of the unknown, it is likely that you have to know oneself better.

the sleep lady

To dream face

English dream interpretation

Look in a mirror in a dream – to be convicted of unauthorized people in reality. Secret plans can be revealed. You should be careful. To see a lot of strange people in my dream can soon change the environment or place of residence. If you think that in your dreams was attended by close relatives or friends whom you tried to consider, soon you will call for a big event, perhaps a wedding.

Oriental dream book

A dream in which a man’s face smiles contentedly, is considered good. He promises success in the developed business. But if man, on the contrary, gloomy and forbidding, you should wait for misery. You can also see the face of a man or woman with whom you’ve never met in reality. This means that at this point in your environment some enemies, whom to trust their secrets should not be.

To dream of your face Eastern dream – to trouble. For married people this dream is more dangerous, because it can be news about the rupture of relations between spouses. Quite unpleasant to watch in a dream for their own expression in the mirror. In fact, it may mean that you suffer from the discontent, as in real time to do it is not so simple.

Erotic dream book

If you dream you have managed to see the face of a stranger close up, it is possible that you will get acquainted in reality, there will be a new medium of communication. This will allow another look at their own sexual life. When you dream of your own face, this implies the imposition you in real life someone else’s way, for example, a passionate lover. You want peace, but we have to play someone else’s game.

Women’s dream book

To dream of a clean and nice face – good change. Dream interpretation argues that this may be a dream on the eve of a great celebration. You only need to pay attention to facial expressions, as sullen as a dream to the bad news. Bad skin complexion speaks in dreams that in real life can wait for a disappointment. If the person seems well-kept, you should wait for the news good luck, pleasant surprise.

Russian folk dream interpretation

According to this dream book, your face reflects first and foremost a state of mind. If it’s ugly, then you should look for a problem in itself.

Old Russian dream book

Each sleeper sees different images that you can try to remember, then to explain. If a person’s face, seen close, was a rosy, it is necessary to rely on the kindness of people who can perform the required service. Pale face foretells anguish and poverty. When you consider the face of a man in a dream, washes thoroughly, then perhaps your conscience is bothering you and you have nothing to repent.

If you are in a dream somehow I wanted to put a face and use blush, you should consider that in reality it is expected ridicule from people. You will be ashamed, so try not to get to complex, difficult situations. When a man covers his face, then we must assume that the sleeping conscience of evil, and he knows it.

French dream book

If you dreamed a dream in which a man’s face with hostility a look at you, you should be prepared for the fact that in real time may be a quarrel with loved ones. Clear, pretty face, promises only good things.

Muslim dream interpretation

The man who saw the dreams of his brow or a high forehead, you may expect to receive wealth and honour in society. However, you can find your face smaller sizes to promiscuity.

Dream Interpretation Meneghetti A.

Learn in a dream your face, which sees a perfectly normal body is a symbol of positivity, affability and intelligence.

Lunar dream book

Even depending on the skin tone can be different to describe their dreams. Suppose if the face is red, expect grief, which can vulitsa on your shoulders unexpectedly. So you should always be careful. The pale face of the woman in the dream – to good news. To see yourself in the mirror – profits or the birth of a child. Wash face under water – to longevity.

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