What dream eyes

As you know, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. What dream eyes? This will tell the various dream books.

Sleep eyes

What a dream about eyes?

Old Russian dream book

According to the dream, eyes predict well-being. When they would see soon wait for cash shortage or loss.

If the dream had to lose the eye, in reality there may come a sickness or the death of children.

Unhealthy eyes foretell the Commission of an act that repentance which is possible in the near future.

Had a squint at the person can lose their status and face the failures.

The contemplation of a large number of eyes in reality promises success and a happy life.

To dream eye in the wrong place – such a dream foretells the appearance of blindness.

A modern dream book

To bad current Affairs, deceptions, insults and disease – that’s what dream eyes of man that look sick and are blind.

When the eye is healthy – good luck will turn to face you, and the joy of waiting at the door.

Closed eyes promise a romantic relationship, which will line up in the right direction, but will stop quite suddenly.

Happiness in the presence of children – that’s what having beautiful large eyes.

Sick and without gloss eyes predicting misfortune and anxiety in relation to children.

Make a quick rotation of the eyes is to buy well-being.

Saw in a dream a large number of eyes will make a profit or treasures.

Blindfolded having warning.

Can’t see the eyes portend losses and lack of money.

Before the appearance of enemies who want to harm your business, is what dream eyes in the dream.

Brown prophesy deceits. Blue promise powerlessness in any way. Gray eyes promised flattery, which is no good.

Women’s dream book

By dream eyes to see means that you are waiting in front of the bad thoughts people who’ve been watching your actions.

Those who are in love with sleep eyes portend a cautious opponent.

The brown-eyed man is a symbol of cunning and treachery.

When in the dream you noticed a blue-eyed look, wait for the unfortunate turn of Affairs and uncertainty in their own abilities. Eyes gray promise to meet a man who loves to flatter.

Diseases of the eye, or loss predicting in reality alarming circumstances.

Dreamed of the man with one eye – it promises some unhappiness.

Look into the eyes of anyone – until a cunning rival, who will use against you any tricks.

The Dream Miller

When you saw in a dream eyes, remember that so you get a kind of warning against the machinations that are trying to build enemies who seek to ruin your business.

Bloodshot eyes predicting the development of alarm events you want to think a lot.

Seen a one-eyed man is a symbol of misfortune in different cases.

Seen in a dream, eyes of a blue color predicting failures associated with your shyness. Brown eyes are a symbol of cunning. Eye gray color try to warn about the meeting with the smoothie.

Small dream book of Veles

Eyes in a dream you can see the good messages.

When you dream you watched only for the eyes (and the face was not visible) – wait for changes for the better.

To success having eyes, see well. If they do not see is the poverty, loss and inhibits factors in the cases.

Watch the dream quickly is good. To suffer myopia is to failure. Strabismus promises a lot of money, but still able to indicate the presence of interference.

To arriveth in a dream – before the onset of illness, or even death.

Eyes blue is a symbol of love. Black and brown portend deceit and unfortunate circumstances.

Beautiful eyes mean store loyalty. The large size of the eye having the inheritance.

When you see a considerable number of eyes, your Affairs will go well.

Eyes in a dream sick – is possible in reality the illness of a loved one.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

This interpreter of dreams eyes mean a mental state of mind and mark the proximity of fateful circumstances. The eyes are large, slanted, glowing, beautiful and strange promise a great success and a happy love.

To contemplate a large number of eyes in a dream – to be happy and successful conduct of Affairs.

When in sleep there is the third eye of a man waiting for spiritual self-knowledge and the development of intuitive feelings.

The eyes of the beast points to the selfishness of man and his carnivorous nature, and portends danger.

Present on the eyes of a thorn promises evil and deception.

Dream evil stare – feel the evil eye and intervention in your life of the dark forces.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Broken or damaged dream eyes promises dangerous conflict situation, which will cause the decline of spiritual forces.

In the dream you are attracted by someone’s eyes – like attention to his person.

Had blindness portends the loss of interest in life and review of life values.

Esoteric dream book

With sleep away from face eyes promise divine help in all matters.

Eyes dark in color and dirty – should pay particular attention to their thoughts and actions.

Bright eyes say that you need not pass by the most intelligent person.

Wounded eyes – in reality you will lose solid ground under feet and feel insecure.

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