What dream eyelashes

Eyelashes adorn our eyes, protect from dust and wind. In our dreams this beauty is a rare visitor, but still sometimes sleep with the eyelashes may signify a very specific situation.

dream eyelashes

What dream eyelashes

The Dream Miller

Long, thick eyelashes in a dream means future luck and success. If the eye can see, bordered with beautiful lashes to another person, – tighten the novel, go on a romantic date. Eyes without eyelashes – get ready for betrayal and disappointments. Overhead, artificial eyelashes around you creates the intrigue to solve that will not be soon. Gorgeous eyes with thick lashes portend a joyful event. Life takes a drastic change for the better.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

In this dream eyelashes that are pretty and open eyes, associated with the desire to escape from reality, to close eyes to bad events and circumstances. Also sleep says that sleep is something very precious, unseen which he seeks to save from the bad. Too long lashes symbolize the desire to exaggerate the importance of the circumstances. Length says about the imminent journey, translating into reality the plans, a huge success in everything. Maybe you will receive a reward, which is much higher than expected.

Very thick and long lashes, drogue warn about the quarrels in the family or with friends. You need to be more restrained, to treat loved ones with respect and consider their opinion. To dream the beautiful eyes of the other person with thick and long eyelashes – you will enjoy a romantic interest, have a romantic date and sexy fun. The object of your affections will be the man, which until then had treated as a friend.

People’s dreams

What have false eyelashes? Artificial means that you are too trusting. Detractors can take advantage of your sincerity and hurt in business, in relationships. Also beware to be under the authority of the manipulator. Extended eyelashes – do you like to throw dust in the eyes. To see the eyes with artificial eyelashes in the mirror will become a victim of someone’s intrigues. Dyeing eyelashes the other person – your treachery on top. You can easily cheat the person who sincerely trusts you. Before you do that to him ugly, think about the consequences and they are dire. Cut in the dream lashes – will have an unexpected trip that you don’t really want to go.

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