Dream interpretation: ex-girlfriend

It so happens that the relationship is long over, but the past makes itself felt. Dreams in which people see their former partners, portend both good and bad. What do they say?

Dream ex-girlfriend

Dream ex-girlfriend

Family dream book

Dream ex-girlfriend – the fear of building new relationships.

To see her far – will be meeting after a long separation from good friends or relatives.

Ex-girlfriend with a new lover and goes to marry him – this relationship will be serious and will lead to marriage.

Secret meetings with past love is in love with this guy girl. About feelings he did not realize, although often communicates with her.

A dream about death or funerals that I loved in the past, will be life-changing. Scripts can be themselves and not very happy.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

In this dream ex-girlfriend is seen as a passing fad, which will occur in the near future. We will focus on physical intimacy, not about feelings. Perhaps it will be someone from the recent past.

To dream in bed with former lover – pleasant surprises and gifts.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

A fight with a girl once loved the guy, to improve the financial situation. It involves a significant lottery win or a prize.

Had a married man was love – an indication that men are remembered not so long ago. Nicer than the sleep, the worse it spoke of him.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

It’s the interpretation of dreams ex-girlfriend could appeal. However, all of them are connected with the difficult psychological state of the guy after a breakup.

To kiss her in her sleep, and note someone else’s face – a sign of a problem of choice, the inability to sort out their own feelings. The situation is such that the past is not yet released, but I want to change.

A modern dream book

To understand the interpretation of the dream about ex-girlfriend, it is important to pay attention to sensations.

Nice – a sign that is no more.

Unpleasant experiences that still haunt, and to create new relations while there are still obstacles.

Russian dream book

Which means if you dream about an ex? In the dream, she taunts the guy will have a serious struggle with own complexes.

The guy laughs in her sleep together with the one you love is in a new relationship there is a disorder. Likely deterioration of health. Friends or relatives will experience the difficulties of life.

Weeping ex – wife’s jealousy of her new chosen one, disapproval.

To see crying bitterly – to good changes in many areas of life. Success will depend on your own diligence.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Had a previous passion – a desire to return to her present. Those who are accustomed to reach the goal, you can try to restore communication.

Dream Of Juno

Came suddenly in a dream the former helps to understand the doubt.

A pleasant chat with her – all the points in ending a relationship apart. You can tune in to a new romantic relationship.

To fight with her to something unexpected.

Pregnant ex – intention of following lady will be serious.

See the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend – it’s important to brush up on the romance relationship. Complexes can prevent you to enjoy communication with your loved one.

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