What dream of the West? What means this dream?

The view of the setting sun is very beautiful. And dreams with him. But what he wants to tell us the event in the dream?

dream interpretation sunset

Dream interpretation what dream of the West?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The way from the sunset symbolizes the end of one life period and the transition to a new stage. However, new is always perceived as something more complex, but don’t be afraid of changes in life, but just have patience and diligence. Look back and decide what to exclude, because it is a departure from the something old will help you in the next period.

What a dream sunset at the sea surface? If the sight of him in his sleep perceived a lovely you, then wait for a certain remuneration for work performed. A very vibrant sunset red color warns you not to trust unfamiliar people, who may well be crooks. And look for their friends – among them may be hiding a schemer who’s plotting something against you.

Imperial dream book

If you look at the West in a dream, feeling comfortable, it is just the subconscious of your feelings from a successful day. If the West is causing you anxiety, it means that the day you have a negative, and who knows what will bring next. The West is burning right into your dream – go to the doctor, this dream usually foreshadows problems with the heart. Most often in the nervous system.

But on a renal problems suggests the crimson sunset that plunges into the darkness. And this is the output of your condition, which depressed and out of control. Go (optional) in the West – if you dream of the elderly, it means that life is lived not in vain. But if the West is dirty, with a bloody tinge, then such a dream is very negative, symbolizes the deadly disease and great threat to life.

The newest dream book

The sunset in your dream indicates a good completion deal.

A modern dream book

The sunset is a symbol of completion of a certain stage in life. No eclipsing event, success in business, obscured by clouds or mist-darkness – comes a series of troubles, but be patient, she won’t last in your life.

Crimson sunset heralds a departure from the you luck, keep this in mind when planning.

The moon says that you have to spend a lot of time on shutdown, you may have to hold her all night.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

The dream book says that the event promises you a life with a minimum of grief or good news.

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