dream: escape from prison

If in real life, very few people had to escape, such action is in the dream happens quite often. A dream about an unsuccessful attempt to escape is often an unfavorable sign. It portends disappointment, bad news, grief.

What a dream escape in the dream?

What a dream escape in the dream?

Women’s dream book

For a couple, this dream is a warning. They should more closely relate to themselves and in any case not to offend the other. If the young man saw in a dream that his beloved had fled from him with the other, exactly as happens in reality. The young man will have to accept that the former lover is lost to him forever. To dream of a friend who runs away from you with unpleasant for you to special, to receive bad news.

Dream Interpretation Lofa

Flight in a dream suggests that you need to rethink your lifestyle. It is necessary to rationally use their resources, leave bad habits, overcome conventions.

The newest dream book

The interpretation of this dream differs from other interpretations in dream books. If you are in the dream has escaped, so in any case you will achieve.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Escape from captivity: the dream suggests that your venture will be successful. If you failed to run away and you re-put in prison – to losses. Your reputation will greatly suffer in the process. If your loyal dog ran away and does not return, you will receive bad news from distant relatives.

Persian dream book

If in the dream you escaped, but was caught and beaten with whips, expect trouble. If these bumps your body started to bleed, you would be in huge trouble.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A dream about escaping from prison is considered auspicious. In reality, you successfully will overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal.

A modern dream book

If you are in sleep safely escaped from prison you will be a success in commercial Affairs. If you tried to escape, but your company failed, your enemies will deceive you. You will suffer because of their intrigues and slander.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If you are in the dream clearly had planned and made a successful escape from prison, is a good sign. You will be able to eliminate in my life many of the problems that hinder you from moving forward. You will become the master of your life.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

If you dream you saw a criminal made an unsuccessful escape and were caught, your life will happiness.

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