What dreams escalator dream

The escalator in a dream symbolizes a relationship sleeping with others. If he sees himself at the top and slowly goes down, it self-inflated. Climb up the escalator – to get a good deal of success.

the escalator in a dream

The escalator in a dream, dream interpretation

Dream interpretation of the psychologist Freud.

The vision reflects the escalator sexual life sleeping. If he goes down, then his relationship in bed is not as perfect as it seems, and the partner has long been unmet. To see another person who rides on the escalator – you are regarded as too passive and devoid of fantasies in sex. Up the escalator to meet a man who will give you pleasure in lovemaking.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Up – success, move down troubles, failures, falls.

Dream Interpretation Vasiliev

If you go down the escalator in a dream, it means that you are considered arrogant, narcissistic person. Lifting for women – to experience great pleasure, happiness in love Affairs.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Climb in a dream on the escalator – a sign that you are rapidly moving up the career ladder. Your efforts are appreciated, they will improve the financial situation, the respect of others, of colleagues.

Down – you have imagined yourself successful, the realized person. Your attitude towards yourself and others will bring only frustration. The dream warns that it is currently not possible to let things slide and go with the flow. You can be at the very bottom and lose everything.

Oriental dream book

In the dream the escalator is a symbol of success. If you climb on it, then you will succeed. If the sleeper dreams that she’s going to extract on foot, it is said that he trampled on one place, and his efforts will be in vain. See yourself at the bottom near the broken escalator to be faced with a difficult choice.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

To be on a broken escalator in the middle of the way to meet obstacles in the implementation of the plans. To see the escalator from the side can not worry in the successful completion of the project or a new business. You have done everything to make your business work itself without your intervention.

Go down the escalator – do not rely on the increase, the authorities will deny you a promotion. To see a broken escalator from outside – a good sign. He foretells that none of the enemies will not affect you and not hurt your goals. A lot of people on the escalator wait for help, participation, support. Empty escalator – lonely and futile effort.

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