Wedding ring in a dream

Idiomatic dream book

Dream engagement ring – why? In a happy and strong family engagement ring is a symbol of unity and fidelity. In the unfortunate marriage it is a sign of burden and despair. However, what is the precursor to a wedding ring in the dream, it is possible to determine, using the sleepers.

What a dream engagement ring

What a dream engagement ring

Dream Meridian

What a dream engagement ring described in the book of dreams Meridian. If you found a wedding ring in the future, expect a new and strong love that will embrace your soul, or fate will reward you with a loyal friend.

A young fair sex in her sleep found the ring – it says that she needs in real life, leave all your doubts regarding the person who is now with her. Most likely, she was destined to live with him in his remaining days. All baseless speculation and idle.

If the ring was silver, this dream promises happiness in family life and birth of beautiful children in the near future. If you lost a silver ring in real life in a love or friendly relationship can run over a black cat. You can imprudent to break off the affair or to quarrel with an old faithful companion.

To dream of an engagement ring broken – a very bad sign. This may be a precursor to infidelity or your partner’s lawful husband. Broken ring also symbolizes the health problems of the second half.

If the ring in the dream was lost, in real life you must be very careful and attentive. Your love relationship may be terminated at any time, and the marriage is dissolved. Also lost wedding ring is a symbol of the loss of a close friend. If the lost ring was a diamond – that’s a good sign: old connections are lost but they will be replaced by new, more profitable and durable.

What a dream engagement ring on your finger, interpreted in idiomatic dream book. A man or woman who saw a similar dream, will soon be forcibly «ringed». They can enter into an unwanted marriage under the yoke of any unforeseen circumstances.

Summer dream

Summer dream predicts that, if the dream engagement ring on your finger, your marriage can be threatened or suddenly disintegrate.

If a dream in which you saw yourself on hand your wedding ring, had a dream in the night from Monday to Tuesday, so in real life you will feel strong joy, the source of which your children will be.

To dream drop ring – in reality your family to avoid argument and conflict.

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

What may be a dream ring, explains psychologist A. meneghetti. This image represents the identity of the person, his social roles and statuses. This can be attributed both to the religious, personal, political and in any other sphere of life.

The ring is a symbol of how a person feels in his environment. If it is integer, beautiful – then he’s comfortable. Broken, scratched – the person experiences some discomfort.

The Dream Miller

In the dream interpretation of psychologist Miller wedding ring is a symbol of communication and relationships. If a woman sees a dream of a beautiful and brilliant engagement ring – reality relationship will be formed easily, it will never trick or rejected.

Broken promises ring to the woman difficulties and hardships in life. If you dream you see an engagement ring in another hand, you seriously belong to some of the proposals. It can also mean that you will succumb to evil temptations.

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