An elephant in a dream dream interpretation

Downers elephant – a symbol of career and describes things, actions and situations. In addition, this hero of the dream could reflect your inner state at a given time, anxiety, restlessness, joyful emotions.

What dreams elephant dream interpretation

What dreams elephant dream interpretation

Gypsy dream book

If you feed the elephant, so soon in your life will be a powerful man who will protect you. To see the elephant from afar – you may be in danger, and even death. Ride the elephant to wealth.

The elephant symbolizes wisdom, high moral values and intelligence level. If you dream of an elephant, so, currently your activity is connected with the mental work or creativity.

  • The elephant in the room – you have to experience the feelings associated with household inconveniences, cramped housing;
  • To ride on an elephant – you really are very lucky;
  • To give food – you will have a good position;
  • The elephant in the dream, waving his trunk for concern;
  • To see the ivories leads to success and profit.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

  • To ride an elephant to reach a high position in society;
  • A herd of elephants – large material gain, inheritance, winnings;
  • Elephant far you have begun the long and arduous business, which succeeds.

Dream interpretation of psychologist D. Lofa

If the sleeper sees the elephant, he probably needs to remember the forgotten Affairs or relatives. His intervention is necessary other people.

Dream book of white magician Yuri Longo

To dream of an elephant – all goes well, respect you and accept, and your financial well-being is endangered.

  • To escape from the elephant to feel the pressure of a loved one;
  • To ride on an elephant – at the moment you can affect people and they’ll listen to you;
  • To kill an elephant – you are waiting for the remorse and anguish due to perfect earlier;
  • A herd of elephants to worry about, around you are true friends;
  • Hunting elephant – your actions hurt people, you are very cruel;
  • The elephant in the zoo or in a cage, sleeping is the complexes that hinder the implementation of life;
  • Mad elephant – your actions and words had caused trouble.

Esoteric dream book

Dreams with elephant say about the level of stability in the family, at work, in your personal life.

  • Viewed from afar, taking photos is you want in your life, everything fell into place;
  • To kill an elephant – your financial position is unstable;
  • Led elephant next in your family you have authority.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Elephant – a symbol of prosperity and stability. If the elephant is with you in the same direction, so you are in control of their lives, able to do the right thing, to be the center of attention, and luck is on your side. White elephant – a lot of money, inheritance, winnings. To see swimming giants – all your efforts are in vain, you are marking time in one place, you should change the direction.

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