What dream electricity in the dream

Seeing electricity in dream – to be in a nervous atmosphere. The dreamer is a vision portends short-term difficulties, obstacles and stress. May experience strained relationships with family or friends.

the electricity in my sleep

Had electricity, dream interpretation

Summer dream

The electric wire – danger, injury, or illness.

The appliance will be able to make extra money.

English dream interpretation

If you have dreams of electricity or use it, should think, perhaps, you are in danger. But this dream can be interpreted differently. Electricity is the force that can destroy anything or help in life.

Repairing electrical wiring – you need support, one is hard to cope with all cases.

Repair lighting – you don’t find the right way out of the situation, I need help.

To be an electrician – you will be able to implement their ideas, plans, projects of their own.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If sleeping in the dream, struck with electricity, he begins a new case in which a little that understands. In order not to make mistakes, better to turn to a professional and ask for advice.

If dream:

electrical wiring – need to move in different directions, rather than focusing on one thing;

electrician – problem solving, problem solving, assistance;

electrical appliances – use of household appliances, so to help, which is difficult for you;

electrical discharge to a warning of danger;

there is no electricity – the loneliness, the separation.

Oriental dream book

If the house of the dreamer in the dream is a power, so he fails to help friends. Conduct experiments with electricity – to start a new business, which should bring more profit and respect of others.

The newest dream book

No electricity – involvement in the Affairs of the, difficult questions.

Electrocuted – ask advice from superiors or colleagues.

A modern dream book

In the dream electricity – hazard symbol. Not to risk, better several times to think about the situation and make a decision that will benefit.

Blown tube – start losing streak.

Ringing an electric bell – need help other.

The arrival of the electrician – a short romantic adventure.

Many appliances – your life is totally dedicated to the family and no time for career.

Dream Interpretation Azar

To dream the electric discharge to get an important message or information that will be useful, will protect from danger.

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