What does a dream in which you see the eggs

Eggs in many Nations symbolize new life, a return to basics. Dreams with them can be a sign of important events in life. For those who want to study in detail, what dream eggs are several types of horoscopes with different descriptions.

what have eggs

What have eggs

Autumn dream interpretation

Eggs in a dream – to pregnancy, birth of a child.

Summer dream

To dream of eggs – the news will make everyone cry. To taste eggs, boiled soft-boiled, – dream of a child. Small egg – coming to visit your children.

Women’s dream book

To eat eggs in the dream – the family is created alarming situation. Broken eggs to luck, fate promises success and reward. Your justice, the experience will be appreciated by family and friends. Eggs in a bird’s nest – to abundance, harmony in family life. Also waiting for delivery of reward. For ladies dream means loving. Basket with eggs symbolize success, great benefit from the transaction. Saw the spoiled and want to know what have these eggs, the answer is simple – to losses.

People’s dreams

In the dream interpretation eggs to unexpected visitors or the birth of children. Sleep eating is a waste of time on empty troubles. Do not waste time on trivia. Beat eggs – their actions can hurt himself. A dream in which appear from the eggs the chickens means obsessed with irrelevant troubles. Clean from the shell, be careful. Foes want to lose your business and thus, to bankrupt, to deceive you. To see just the egg means to have prosperity, profit.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Since ancient times the egg was endowed with special properties, was a symbol of immortality, health, the revival of a new life. It also symbolizes childhood and has always been associated with a small child.

Sleep with chicken eggs that you broke, portends trouble, the collapse of family happiness created by your careless actions. Eat the egg attach too much importance to small things. The broken shells warns against fatigue, disease, you need to pay attention to their own health.

Collect eggs from birds ‘ nests – wait for changes for the better. Hatch themselves – take a look, perhaps, someone from friends or relatives need your help. Buying eggs in the dream of others – will be a well-wisher that will change everything for the better. The egg had two yolks is a complex situation, choosing the right solution. From the egg got the chicken may lose the opportunity to improve well-being. Pile of eggs – the welfare, profit. A dream in which a snake eats the eggs, is a sign of illness, anger, enemies, hatred.

The eggs sits a pike? This means that your frivolous, excessive and unrealistic fantasies. Peel the egg from the shell, you can cheat and take money by fraud, be vigilant, do not mess with shady characters. No wonder there is a proverb «Oblomali like an egg!»

Dream interpretation Vanga seer

The dream book of Vanga egg is the beginning of all life on our planet. If you dreamed of spoiled eggs and you feel their tuhlostyu, there is danger of life on the planet for the latest types of weapons. Dropped and broke the threat comes from outer areas, the possible fall of a meteorite collision with the comet. Eat egg – we exist by eating their «smaller brothers», there is a cycle in nature.

In this scenario, we remind you that people have for existence on the planet, taken care of by the Lord and we need to stop killing animals, stop destroying forests, rivers, etc. to dream of as cooked eggs – will be established on Earth too hot climate will dry the rivers, lakes, forests will die, followed by flora and fauna. People have to survive in difficult conditions.

Esoteric dream book

Dreams of eggs – to the birth of the offspring. Pile of eggs – prepare for the hassle associated with offspring. Painted children is a joy, you will be surrounded with care and respect. Broken eggs – up to miscarriages, infertility.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Broken eggs – watch your expressions, they can be hurtful, offensive or notorious person. Eat eggs – an unexpected affair with someone who was always in your surroundings, was a colleague. Painting eggs – change your sex life, make your updates, highlight. A woman who saw in a dream egg will meet a man who has a more than impressive size of the dignity.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

Eggs hatch into something alive — to witness the origin of a new life. For pregnant women, the dream foretells successful solution delivery. Break the egg – beware, you may become a perpetrator of serious crimes. Become a witness of how someone has egg on your eyes will happen the killing of a living being.

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