To dream of an earthquake dream interpretation

Earthquake – a natural disaster whose devastating consequences bring lots of troubles to the person. A dream in which we see the disaster, are often the reflection of our fears, which can not cope in reality. What dreams of the earthquake? Take a look at popular dream books:

What dreams earthquake

What dreams earthquake

Alphabet of dreams

According to the ABC of dreams to see an earthquake in a dream – to global changes in life. Perhaps you are on the threshold of a new stage of her life. Also a disaster can symbolize the emotional crisis that you are experiencing.

Oriental dream book

Seen in a dream a natural disaster could be a harbinger of serious problems: financial loss, failure in business and discord in the family.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

Slipping from under their feet the earth is a symbol of your self-doubt, anxiety, hidden complexes. You feel the fear of being rejected. Sometimes an earthquake in the dream see people who have experienced psychological trauma in the intimate sphere. You need to relax and learn to accept themselves, and to perceive problems as tests that will make you stronger.

A modern dream book

The disaster in a dream often occurs after stress, serious mental injury. Your emotions in the dream are similar to those that you have to worry about reality, fear, despair, helplessness. Shuddering under my feet the earth could symbolize the choices you must, but do not dare to do, for example, between two close people.

Dream interpretation Vanga of jasnowidz

If you had an earthquake, be careful: you warn about the coming troubles. It can be natural disaster, disease, poverty, unwanted pregnancy. However, do not despair: perhaps this dream is only a reflection of your real emotions. You feel stress parietalnae have to solve many problems simultaneously – you need to rest.

Women’s dream book

Earthquake: dream interpretation interpret as a bad sign ahead of the problems with your husband or loved one, failure at work and in other cases. This dream can be a warning: you are facing a serious choice, afraid to make a wrong move! Rocking the ground beneath their feet is a symbol of your insecurity and future, fear and distrust of others.

Family dream book

To dream of an earthquake – to the unexpected news. If you are around buildings collapse and crack the soil, you will receive news very soon. If watching the devastation from afar, the news will come some time. See people fleeing in panic – somebody in your family needs help.

You have found a safe haven – your problem soon will be successfully resolved. But if among the ruins survived only your home, enjoy your family troubles and disputes will be avoided.

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