What dream land

Star dream interpretation

The earth may be a dream for trouble in the Affairs of the deceased. If you see yourself in a dream digging in the ground, the reality probably you are waiting for health problems or physically demanding job. Lying on the damp ground, too, to trouble, to deterioration, the loss of health.

dream land

What does it mean to see the earth in a dream

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

A warm fertile land that dreamed a dream, brings good luck. If you soon will do something, it will make you richer, will bring in good results. No matter how much you did not spend effort, the income will be doubly returned. To dream the earth was completely exhausted – failures. What you planned in real life, turn into a failure. It is not necessary to start a business, seeing such a dream. Quite frustrating to realize that if asleep, you see people digging it to the funeral. Perhaps we should try to avoid trouble, which in this period might fall right on the head.

However, newly dug earth in the lush garden ensures the reality of wealth and the owners of the land – a good harvest, profit. The lack of fruit in your garden will not. To understand what dream of black earth, you should study the area where you saw it. If she came in sight at the time of sleep in the middle of the road, then this is a bad dream. You will need to hide from prying, to avoid trouble. For another interpretation of this dream says that you are a realist and never in the clouds, then moments is not enough for happiness.

The Jewish dream book

Depending on the season of the year lying on the ground suggests a different interpretation. Lying on a good ground in the spring in dreams hopes on luck, in summer, positive thinking in autumn, the dream warns of deception and winter prepares to disease.

Magical dream interpretation

What dream land is covered with greenery, you can learn this dream. As a rule, for young people this dream promises a happy and rich marriage and strong relationship. Married and married can interpret it differently. The land is covered with greenery, is for spouses of joint activities. If it is also very fertile, comfortable life is guaranteed. But to dig in a dream can symbolize a simple hard work. The main thing – not to lie on the wet ground. This can be a humiliation in reality.

Dream healer Akulina

In the dream ploughed land promises future prospects, friable – the ability to live in abundance, dried – should prepare for losses. One has only to imagine the well-prepared soil in which you plan to throw the grain and sprout it.

English dream interpretation

The soil in the dream speaks of the FORTS and wealth of experience, care, and receipt of financial status. Even if you dug earth, according to this dream book of black earth – new opportunities, search prospects.

Home dream interpretation

Like can dream energetic person with many plans and have the life experience to realize them.

Prepared FEBE

The soil is always a dream to prosperity, because it is possible to germinate the grain. She breathes warmth, when it works.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

If you created Earth, it talks about the parental relationship, established the position of everyone in the family. If today in your dream land is soft to the touch, then surely in reality you have a lack of tactile contact with your parents, mother in particular. You need the support of a loved one. To get to the earthen trap – bad to realize the folly of their ways, not able to control himself.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

This image is considered to be a natural human habitat. Most often it represents family and relationships between family members. If the girl is digging the earth, soon she will marry.

English dream interpretation

To have a dream of their own land is a good sign that foretells you wealth and independence. To sell the ground in a dream – perhaps you have to relocate, but to pay land tax – losses.

Assyrian dream book

The person who sees sitting on the ground, can rely on respect and honor. If he eats, it’s just trouble at work, hunger.

Muslim dream interpretation

If in your dreams is the person who draws the ground plan of the construction of a building, you will be able to solve both secular and religious Affairs. To see the ground while dreaming and to start it is the person who is going to obtain property fraudulently. According to Islamic dream interpretation bad to see a man who trample down the earth. It to death.

The newest dream book

The man who sees the ground in the dream and begins to process it, to dig and to carry from one place to another can become too forgetful.

The Russian dream book

If you are in the dream, I had to cut the ground, then in reality you will be able to realize a dream, to build real castles in the air. To plow across the Russian dream – to prosperity.

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