What dreaming the eagle

Floating in the sky a proud bird – this dream is clearly able to adjust to the peaceful mood. And what dreaming the eagle really? Let’s look at the dream books.

what dreaming the eagle

What dreaming the eagle?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

All of us have goals that we strive for. And if you dreamed a dream eagle, it means that you will soon reach your goal. However, just so nothing is given, will have to make an effort. If this bird flew in the sky, you will smile good luck. And the larger the bird, the more success is waiting for you.

White eagle in a dream suggests that someone you know may need help. Take a look at it, may see small clues and determine who is worth supporting. Black eagle in your dream promises you a serious quarrel with someone from your surroundings.

Fight between two birds warns you about the loss of peace due to strife between you and someone else. If you are subjected to aggression of an eagle, then very carefully watch your health, you have a serious risk to life. If defensively you slew the feathered predator, get ready for a big loss.

The American dream

This source interprets the image of the eagle as a symbol of perspicacity. Maybe soon you will need to provide for any events, so to speak, to look into the distance.

Italian dream

The eagle is the predator that has the power to dispose of the fate of weak creatures depending on their needs.

Mythological dream book

The dream book says that the eagle symbolizes the creative inspiration, the availability of forces for activities, career advancement, and the temptation of power that gives power. If you had an eagle in heraldic symbolism, it is a hint of any connection with public services.

The newest dream book

The eagle with two heads warns you that your cheating, if it happens, will spread gossip, and among strangers. In General, the eagle as the image symbolizes your need to communicate with an experienced person who will help you to decide in life.

Russian national interpreter

The eagle is a symbol of brave and rulers.

If dreamt an eagle, then your desire will be realized.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The eagle soars – will be successful pursuing a victim – if you have conducted the case in court, the verdict will be rendered in your favor. The scream screaming predict your luck, a dead eagle warns of the impending threat. If you feed the eagle in your dream, means that soon you come to the good news.

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