What dream dying

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To understand what dream of dying, you need to take a sober look at the events taking place around you. Perhaps there is some kind of threat looming, and it should be immediately prevented. If you dream that you die, then problems will go away themselves, you don’t need to solve them yourself.

Sleep dying

What dream dying?

A modern dream book

To dream of dying – an alarming sign. It is a sign of danger, and the threat comes from what you really trust. Something that gives you joy and gives strength soon turn evil for you. To dream of a few people dying is a sign that in danger you and your loved ones, friends. If you dream that on his deathbed are you, serious illness or complete failure in some important task that you hope.

Dream book 2012

Dreaming of dying is a symbol of liberation from the burden on your soul and good luck in many endeavors.

Dream Meridian

If in a dream close to death a relative – so he misses you, needs your support and participation, thinking about you. According to the dream interpretation dying is a symbol of remoteness, «frozen» relations. But it may be a precursor to a splash of emotions, most often negative, releasing the accumulated evil of the offense, and as a result – the start of something new.

If I see a mother on her deathbed – it might be the mirror of your soul reality, if the mother really suffering from the disease. If so, then the dream promises quick recovery and a long summer. If the mother saw a young girl, her life is about to change. The reason for this will serve as a pregnancy, marriage or a quick death of her husband. For young men this dream also promises to bring big changes in life.

Came in a dream dying father – Herald of his long and serene life. If the father in reality was already dead, to dream of the deceased dying – a reason to visit his grave and to go to Church, the soul of the father is restless. If the day when I saw a dream, you are with dad in a quarrel – so, it’s time to make peace and to bring harmony in the family. The initiator of the truce should be exactly you.

To dream of dying has long been the prematurely deceased husband, the future changes. It’s time to be purified from sadness and sorrow for him, to open a new page of life. If a man struck a disease, then such a dream is a good sign. People will soon be healthy.

Came in a dream to the dying favourite to an important conversation. Forget all the quarrels, accusations, moods and talk, should not be left unsaid. This dream is a reflection of the confusion of the soul, restless and wants a happy relationship.

To see on his deathbed a close friend or girlfriend means to them in reality soon there will be a big problem. You can warn them. It can also be a danger signal for you, and come to the rescue of prividevshayasya in agony friends.

Dream admirers Velez

Dream interpretation will tell what dream dying woman. This is a sign of first marriage or a meeting with a new lover. To see yourself dying means life is long and death is a long time to come.

Dream Book St. Kaplinskaja

If in the dream someone is suffering in agony – then the speed of it is waiting for a serious illness, it is a warning.

Ukrainian dream book

He saw in a dream someone’s death, the dream should be interpreted contrary to a long human life.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

According to the dream, dying in a dream – a bad news. The dream can become a reality. But in some cases, more often – a sign of the completion of an important phase of your life and entry into another.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Dreamt of agony itself – a sign of a long happy life in love and harmony. This is a sign that you determined the fate of the messenger of God in the earthly life.

If dying is a vision of some important world ruler, this is a significant prophecy. He says that in speed over the reins to take in your hands a very wise and prudent man who put an end to violent hostility and many wars.

If you imagined the agony of the ill person, you have serious test money. At stake will be your peace of mind. Ahead of the operation, which promises benefit, but because of this the people will suffer. Will have to make a difficult decision.

A lot of people die in a nightmarish dream events, disease, hardship, terrible epidemic.

The dream of the harbingers

To see, on his deathbed of a loved one – to a long and happy life. The death of thousands of people – a sign that the end of the world still does not close, many more generations will have to be born and to die.

If you had a close death of a powerful ruler to be turmoil and unrest. Might actually die a meaningful world persona, and the struggle for power will result in a bloody war.

Seriously ill dying dream to joyful events to finding a rapid cure for HIV infection. This event will make a revolution in medicine, a hopeless to be cured.

To dream terrible and painful death agony – bad sign, the divine seeing the evil man, possibly a criminal

The esoteric dream book

The image of dying in a dream – to a long life. To see the deceased dying – rebirth, spiritual cleansing, huge changes in life. This dream is a symbol of what you given the chance. If you lose it – there will be trouble, spiritual decay, degradation.

Vedic dream interpretation

If the patient sees himself as a dying man, he will soon get better.

Symbolic dream interpretation

Often agony in a dream – a sign of good. Dreams do not belong to the external world, they are individual and subconscious. Dying dream to completion unfortunate events in life, to portend a new positive emotions.

To dream of dying their living reality parents benefit to them associated with your achievements. But the dream can be and the negative message – «death» of their plans, dreams that will not come true.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Seen a dying child – his good health and long serene life.

Women’s dream book

Woman dies dreaming of ignorance regarding the plans of the opponent, failing to stop her.

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