What dream dust

The appearance of dust in a dream is interpreted as a sign of mental return to the obsolete, far gone. Perhaps this dream indicates the presence of enemies, petty criminals next to the dreamer. Sometimes the dust in the dream – a symbol of future illness, family problems and small setbacks on the path to career growth.

what dream dust

What dream dust

Idiomatic dream book

«In the dust» – no time for a rival in the working field, «to mix with the dust» is to devalue the personality of the dreamer or someone who underestimates his feelings. «To put in the eye» – the false impression to new acquaintances you need to look at again.

Family dream book

Dust this dream interprets as unpleasant moments resulting from the long overdue minor comments.

On furniture – to the chagrin of family problems. On the street – to communicate with a deceiver, a dishonest man. You need to be a little more attentive to people’s behavior, and then will be able to avoid disappointment or to prevent negative situations.

See yourself under a layer of dust – to temporary difficulties, or maybe someone close to you begins to move away? It’s time to take the initiative to restore relations into their own hands.

Women’s dream book

What dream dust for girls snovideni is the possibility of parting with a loved one. But this dream only warns of the likelihood of cooling of feelings. It is possible to prevent rupture, refreshed memories about the first meeting.

If you see their clothes, themselves in dust to the short-lived problems. Clean clothes to return to its former success. If it is done by strangers – you can count on the ambulance getting acquainted with future friends.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dust dream to the fact that the soul has accumulated a lot of claims, ignoring these dreams can be in a state of nervous breakdown.

Fall into it and not be able to get up to the point that it is time to heed the voice of conscience. Perhaps the dreamer someone in real life hurt.

Take that away, to shake, to vacuum – the need to deal with their own problems. The result will be positive.

Ukrainian dream book

To see the dust – will have to face a lie. To fall into it – to the aggravation of the diseases and possible death. Need to listen to the body.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

This dream interpretation treats the dust as the embodiment of all the negative that surrounds dreaming-awake. It may be a lack of understanding and indifference of loved ones (it’s time to talk with them in an intimate atmosphere), the stagnation in business matters. To fall to her possible death. It is necessary not to neglect safety, doing homework.

The Dream Miller

Dust to questionable friends, they purse the dreamer’s need to keep as a secret mystery. To clean clothes – wise to do in a difficult situation, to win over enemies.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

Dust dream as a hint on the subconscious willingness to let go of the past. The time has come to put an end to past relationships or to finish the job that brings moral satisfaction.

Home – a sign that you need to forgive a person for his guilt and move on. After working on a few errors will have many years of happy marriage.

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