Had the dumplings, dream interpretation

Delicious dumplings a favorite homemade dish, collects at the table the whole family. In the dream, they acquire a special significance; important: sculpt you eat them a lot or a little, you are treated to a big company or themselves invited to dinner. What have dumplings? A look at popular dream books.

What dream dumplings

What dream dumplings

Culinary dream book

If you dream you cook or eat dumplings, are you going to start a business, which at first will seem inspirational and exciting, and then lose interest.

A modern dream book

If you see in a dream that needs to stick dumplings for a big company, but not enough time to do everything in time, perhaps you too are passionate about their work and much of life passes you by.

You sculpt dumplings, but they leave you sloppy or too big – you feel out of place. You may not fulfill the assigned responsibilities you are disappointed in the profession or busy.

You cooked the dumplings for the whole family, but they ate the dog – don’t worry, favorable circumstances will bring peace and tranquility to your home.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dumplings in a dream – the arrival of long-awaited guests and fun spending time.

There are too oily, greased with butter or sour cream dumplings – warning: your expenses exceed your income, you must control your spending.

Alphabet of dreams

Mold dumplings in a dream – a bad sign; this dream foretells poverty, frustration and health problems.

Buy ready-made treats at the store – you will be able to get out of trouble, not tarnished his reputation.

Cook in boiling water – your dreams will come true, you will find well-being.

Fried – wait for a quick profit. Maybe soon you can upgrade the interior of your home.

To treat someone is to depression, lack of energy, depression due to unresolved issues.

If you buy dumplings at the party – your efforts will be rewarded on merit.

Seasoning to the dumplings is also important:

  • If you eat dumplings with sour cream, you expect positive changes in life.
  • With the oil leads to health problems. Beware of injuries!
  • Vinegar is to strong shocks.
  • With mayonnaise – someone close to you is preparing you a nasty surprise.

The newest dream book

Dumplings: dream interpretation interpret as a sign that you have to speak in front of a large crowd of people.

The dream of the Slavs

To dream of dumplings – a sign that you made a mistake in the choice of the case.

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