What dreams drunk husband dream interpretation

The subconscious often gives us hints as dreams. Sometimes they are strange and incomprehensible. If you saw your family member drunk? Or like this in front of you stood your ex-boyfriend or a stranger? Look at what such a dream might portend.

What a dream, a drunken man in his sleep?

What a dream, a drunken man in his sleep?

Women’s dream book

To see drunk – lightly to others that may bring some complications in the future. You should not trust other people.

To dream that a former drunk comes to you – a painful breakup with him, experiences.

Ukrainian dream book

A dream about drinking is the forerunner of disease and emotional experiences. To see yourself in a state of intoxication – are in danger.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

A more pragmatic view has this dream. The image of a drunk is limp of a man who is mired in problems and cannot solve them by yourself.

In the dream, a drunken man wants to attack you – ahead of the expected problems in business, failure of plans, and then you will fall into despair.

Drunk husband under the fence – an unexpected meeting.

In my sleep drunken husband or other relative – the vision means that the dreamer helplessly trying to shift their own troubles onto others.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Sleep with a drunk – evil deeds entail hard emotional experiences and lead to the loss of his reputation.

English dream interpretation

Himself to see drunk – reckless actions will entail trouble in your personal life and at work. An unmarried woman would see drunken husband – it means that she is destined to marry a dangerous man and to be unhappy in marriage.

Ukrainian dream book

According to the dream, a drunken man – a harbinger of deception. The woman needs to be alert.

Muslim dream interpretation

To see a man drunk-means that your environment is a dishonest person that has been enriched for fraud and serious crime.

Esoteric dream book

Drunk friend – an unexpected and unpleasant encounter. Will have to go to the celebration to unpleasant people. Also people who are drunk may experience misfortune or illness. So a dream about a drunken ex-husband said that he fell on hard times.

The Dream Miller

A drunken dream Miller – sign of deception on the part of colleagues, which may result in loss of work. A young woman a dream warns of a wrong act.

A modern dream book

Drink in the dream spirits, immoral behavior, theft, loss of a job. But if you drink wine – in reality you are waited by success in love, trade or literature.

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