What dream that I drowned in the water

To see you drown, does not Bode well. However, such a dream could mean different degrees of risk depending on the result. Full drowning leads to death – not a good sign. Sinking in a dream, but to swim out, to escape contains possible test with a positive result. In a dream about drowning matter how transparent the water is. Clean river, lake, sea – a good sign. Dirty – sickness, sorrow, bad luck. In the famous dream books contains an interesting interpretation of what it means to drown in my sleep.

Sinking in a dream

What does it mean to dream tone

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

Sinking in a dream – unfortunately or bankruptcy losses. A woman who sees a drowning lover, will experience some kind of shock mount.

To swim safely to escape from the water means success in professional activity, obtaining a new position, the recognition of others.

If you dream of drowning the man you save, wait good luck and happy problem solving. You may have to provide assistance to relatives or friends for which they will be grateful.

Dream Meridian

Dream about drowning in water means the loss of wealth, trouble, unhappiness. If in the dream, drowning the familiar people, expect betrayal, disappointment in him.

If you dream that you are drowning in the water, swim out, and can’t get out of, depression and bad mood sucked you urgently need the assistance of family and friends. Perhaps you should visit a therapist.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

According to the author of the dream interpretation, to see themselves drowning meant temporary difficulties. They will end if you feel in the dream, his salvation.

Women’s dream book

Drowning in water in a dream means loss and misfortune close. If you killed a friend or even a stranger, and you will save him, wait for remuneration for past services. Maybe someone from the family will need help, and you will do it.

Alone to swim in a dream foretells career development, health promotion, well-deserved recognition of colleagues.

English dream interpretation

Actually drowning indicates troubles and difficulties. Saved You in my dream one would be a real person who will assist You in reality.

Slavic dream book

The man drowns in the dream itself, will get a handsome profit. If he feels that someone smokes, suffers losses.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

This interpreter is given a positive interpretation of the dream. If drowning woman, wait success, male – improvement in the business.

If You often see dreams with drowning baby, you should understand what dream of a child drowning. This vision could mean the following:

  • someone from your environment urgently need help and you need to provide it. The successful rescue of the baby means that the support will come in time;
  • pull in a dream of the dead child-portends quarrels, disappointments and the loss of a loved one;
  • everything will be fine and will end happy if the water in which the drowning kid, clear and calm. A good sign – a real baby.

Dreams about drowning in the water boy means monetary profit, the girl unforeseen or unknown event list, news.

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