What dream that you are drinking?

Had to drink in the dream? This could be the result of this thirst by eating something salty. The interpreters of dreams see it my way.

Drink in the dream

Drink in the dream

The Russian dream book

To see themselves with wine – efforts no one will appreciate.

Quench your thirst with water to improve health.

Enjoy a Cup of tea – you can prepare to receive the good news.

Dream cooks

To drink good wine is to have bright prospects with a well-secured future.

The vessel with the drink is round and shines on the purity – the ability to suddenly become the heir.

To taste a dense beverages to deterioration of health.

The noble dream interpretation

To drink and to feel the bitterness and the immediate profit will be substantial.

What a dream to drink birch juice? Will soon have to experience the feeling of jealousy. The reasons for her not.

Drink grape juice – attractive prospects actually not very happy.

Tea in a dream to drink – time to clean not only their house, but also relationships with people.

Enjoy a cocktail next time will be successful.

Milk to drink, then you will receive profit, and the desire begin to come to pass.

Champagne taste – good thought is to realize, without hesitation.

To drink with a sweet tooth should be careful in communication. Trick and deception will be a lot.

The wine is sweet to drink – a dream come true will happen soon.

To drink vodka with friends, awkward situation, embarrassment.

Tincture to SIP – will be made small mistakes. Everything can be fixed.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

In this dream, to drink pure water – it means to prepare for the imminent wedding.

To see yourself drinking milk – the need for new knowledge to solve problems.

Coffee drinking is a pleasant social meeting.

To drink – do not expect help from the outside. It is better to do everything on their own.

The newest dream book

Quench your thirst with something sweet – a sign of a new short-term Dating.

Juice drink – an indicator of the urgent desire of power.

Drink from the bottle – rejection patronizing attitude.

To see himself, he was drinking alcohol, who does not drink, – should cease to hide from problems. The time has come to address them.

Lunar dream book

To feel extremely thirsty in your sleep, you expected something troublesome.

Oriental dream book

Drink water in a dream – future events will bring joy into the house.

See drinking water – to the happy turn of the situation.

Drink clean water (for unmarried) – up to strong family relationships.

Dirty water and drink it – your health will suffer.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Kvass drink is a sign of good health.

To get drunk to failure – to success in life. Long drink – longer than the path to it.

Clean water to quench your thirst – for good and useful to others Affairs.

Esoteric dream book

Drinking something transparent – the truth will open soon.

Dark drink in the glass – withdrawal, attempts at introspection.

Try tasteless drink – the reality will replace illusions. The disappointment will be bitter.

Dream Interpretation Of Sigmund Freud

What man dream to drink? This is a manifestation of his raging desire to possess a woman.

A man drinks from a vessel – the desire for his beloved woman.

A man drinks from any source – the desire to have sex with any woman.

The woman sees himself drinking water – wants to be a mother.

Woman drinking from a source to a desire to have an experienced sexual partner.

Hands to drink – dissatisfaction with a partner.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

To quench their thirst from silver or gold cups – a happy ending started.

Drinking with someone from one glass to share the secret, which will become common property.

Dream interpretation health

What a dream to drink the crystal clear water? To improve the health.

To drink muddy water its deterioration.

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