Dreamed dress. The interpretation on several dream books

In reality graceful dress is the symbol of femininity. That promise dreaming in dreams a variety of dresses, tell dreams.

What a dream dress

What a dream dress

Esoteric dream book

Had a new dress dream interpretation interpret as a promise of profit; crumpled – sign of the worries and concerns; worn, torn, soiled trouble and material losses; luxury vintage portends unusual events, turbulent life; someone else marks the need to solve other people’s problems.

Dream Meridian

Try a dress in a dream – to change jobs or housing, the emergence of strong rivals in love, if she is to win over her, if you did not go – to quarrels in the family. Choose, but don’t have time to try – your relationship with a loved durable and reliable.

To see how the woman wears a dress – to quarrel with her. To see myself in a beautiful dress will make a lasting impression on others with their refined manners.


Had a rich dress of honor and a promotion for the rich, misery for the poor and death of the patient; strannoe or blurred – to the sorrows and troubles; the new – to joy, income and successful cases; a burning flame to boredom, slander, a loss in court, had quarreled with each other.

To see myself in light or bright dress – for profit, fame and honor; in red up to grief and tears.

The man see themselves in female dress to deceive, a woman to be in men’s dress in to the temptation.

Chinese dream interpretation

Rich and beautiful dress is a dream for prosperity of descendants; stained with fat – to patronage from above to wash it is a happy omen; to iron to a good move.

Wedding dress in a dream – to disease; expensive to quarrels; embroidered in – to joy; beautiful in itself – to tears. Wore it to success; bought – beware of envy.

French dream book

To wear the dream dress to an interesting journey; take possible emergency diseases.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

Luxurious dress dreaming for full satisfaction with life; black – to tragic news; blue or green – to the wish-fulfilment, yellow to lie, envy; white – for an early marriage.

Red – to a high position in society; grey – to the workload; multi-colored – long journey; woven with gold – lucky and strong protection; torn – the squabbles; stained – to dishonor; many dresses to slander and insults.

Buy dress to reconciliation with each other; to sew, to decent remuneration for work; to strut, to poverty, to be Thrifty.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

To see yourself in a dream in a rich dress, by dream, to the rapid increase in income; in the new all new: office, meetings, events; in a dirty – to a large profit; in a torn – to impending trouble; in mourning – the problems in business and monetary loss; in a wedding, to danger and disease.

Had a red dress – to quarrels; green – high assessment of your work superiors.

I had dream to buy a dress to serious error in business; to sell to vanity and empty frustration or victory over the enemy; to wash – up the household chores; to sew, to hard work to establish your business.

Women’s dream book

To dream of old and holey dress – up conviction for improper behavior; aims to be the perfect fit to be admired by your excellent manners and a fine mind.

Lunar dream book

Seen in a dream dress was a Golden – to envy; new rich; rough and poor – to the chagrin; to trouble; leaky – trouble.

Dream bitches

Dressed in mourning dress dream – to disease and sorrow; luxurious and expensive – to a stunning success in the community through a modest and decent behavior.

Bought a dress – to the emergence of a rival, but she will not like it.

Tore an old dress to the dismay of others, new to the loss in the battle for the attention of a loved one.


What a dream to wear a dress: beautiful – to honor; beautiful – joy to a family; the ugly – trouble from rivals; expensive – to envy and problems; rumpled and dirty – shame or meeting with an unpleasant person.

Torn dress – the problems at work and deception; covered with embroidery – joy; long – to the unexpected; short – to gifts; close – to problems in business; wedding for luck in business, peace of joy.

Funeral dress – the appearance of a new friend; blue – for mental agony or travel; green – fortunately in love, fast marriage.

Yellow dress for gossip and envy; red – important guests, motley – to entertainment; pastel for calm; silk – depending on the dangerous man; velvet – to many fans; inside out – to revision of erroneous beliefs.

Try on the dream dress for the best work; sew – to the well-deserved awards for the work; wash, clean or ironed – good-bye; buy – reconciliation after a long conflict.

The newest dream book

A woman to dream of a new dress – good-bye, old – to toil; to try on a dress in a dream – to rupture or quarrel with a loved one.

A man buying a dress until cancelled wedding in the near future; to see someone dress wedding – an affair with a married lady.

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