Dreamt of a dragon — what does that mean?

Each of us have read stories where the dragons are, but in reality no one has ever seen them. And what a dream dragon, it will tell different interpreters.

dream dragon

Astrology: dragon

A modern dream book

When you dream about a fire-breathing reptile in reality a high risk that you will fall under the influence of your enemies due to the prevalence of your passionate emotions over common sense. Even in the dream, a dragon can represent the genuine achievement of goals, getting a more prestigious place to work or improvement in financial Affairs. When in the dream the dragon acted as guard of wealth, in reality, your health will improve noticeably. The dragon, which in the dream was sitting in the cave, predicts a rapid achievement of your goal, it is necessary to apply more effort. A book dragon, which lies on a mountain top, predicts important life events. When the dragon in the dream was flying, get an incredibly useful and amazing news.

Family dream book

When you have seen in the dream of the dragon, try to keep yourself in hand, otherwise you can easily your passions and unkind attitude towards enemies to turn into a conflict situation. If Wednesday was a dream dragon, this dream promises misery and dangerous situations. But from Saturday to Sunday, the dream is positive – the fate will very much favor you, which will allow you to implement any plans. Came in a dream with three heads – predicts the appearance of conflicting attitudes towards Affairs and feelings. Definitely need to make a choice in favor of something one, otherwise high probability of large losses. A multi-headed dragon heralds the blooming of gossip about your life. When seeing the dragon was aggressive and produced a flame, soon you will be faced with enemies who are not asleep, and trying to adjust to the different plots. You managed to defeat the monster? Therefore, in real life you will greatly regret acts.

The Dream Miller

Behold in a dream of the dragon – so in reality critical to Express to the enemies. This dream is a warning – it is important to thoroughly control their actions and emotions to avoid serious conflicts.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

According to the dream dragon is a symbol of inexplicable fear. You may have to deal with the forces that require special submission. The dragon in the dream had wings, portends good support of influential persons. The dream suggests that soon you will have to be under the wing of a powerful man.

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