What dreams door

The door – a symbol, bearing a wide meaning. The interpretation will depend on related items. What dream door?

Dream door

A dream about a door, what do you mean?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A closed door indicates the prohibition for the presence of something new in life, we have to wait for the right moment. An open door gives a signal to action.

The front door had closed – that the obstacles to the goal; a fully open door you will find either a bargain or complete financial failure; the door is slightly ajar – a feeling of great change in life; if the door is not close, then you will meet someone who will try to influence you.

A small door suggests that you are too closed, hiding from friends, you have no time to pay attention to others.

Secret hidden door – an unexpected exit from a difficult situation.

A dream about a door of iron will point to the next person and wants to help.

If I saw the broken door, then, your future is in the power of strangers. They have to negotiate, find opportunities for cooperation.

Seeing a brand new door? Get ready for a drastic change, pleasant or not: divorce, change of job or residence, marriage, birth of a child.

Close the door – an attempt to protect his personal territory from prying malevolent attacks. The door locked, says the desire to do away with the heavy past.

Dream interpretation of psychologist A. meneghetti

The presence of multiple meanings of such a symbol, like a door, makes it difficult to decipher. You need to know all the nuances of what he saw in the dream. By dream doors always means indecision, hesitation, difficulty making decisions. Doors – consent for something new in life or a conscious departure from the problems.

Closing doors – the desire to finish something, to put the final point. The lock on the door is a symbol of obstacles, to open it – so to overcome these obstacles, to reduce the distance with loved ones, it may be the desire to know the truth, to understand the complex situation.

In the dream someone is trying to help you open the door? So you need assistance.

Old Russian dream book

To break the door means to be in prison. Dreaming that a door lit up in your house will die, the same value will have sleep with the door incised into splinters.

Dream healer Fedorov

Had a door, especially an open, so soon to be married.

A loud knock on the door to hear – you will find strong shock.

Ukrainian dream book

To see unlocked doors – wait for the guests. Dreams that can’t find the right door? Get ready for problems and complications. Squeaky doors will predict the appearance of your house is a bad person.

Summer dream

Door to your dreams is locked, a warning about the frivolous behavior. What dreams open the door? It means your house is open for guests. Heard a sharp, terrible knock on the door in the dream? Get ready for pleasant surprises, joyful news. To see the eye – a warning that after you someone is watching. Had a furnace door, which was extinguished by fire, extinguished the fire of your love.

The Dream Miller

Had the door of the house where you grew up – in front of only the good.

To see the door in the darkness of night, pouring rain is the harbinger of empty meetings and stupid behavior.

The door broke from its hinges and scoring anyone? Loved ones in trouble.

Dream Interpretation Freud

What dream doors? According to Freud, the door symbolizes the female genitals.

Closed doors – wish to offer the woman closeness, but fear rejection.

Open doors – this means that the object of your sexual desires ready to go with you on contact.

To lose the key to his house to get a warning about that in relationship with your sexual partner have problems.

Painting, varnishing a door in a dream – an indication of excessive jealousy on your part and increased excitability.

Dream about doors from A to z

Had the creaking door – wait for unpleasant guests.

Saw the door broken? You will be a rich gift. The door lit up, then close person will get sick.

If you close the door with the key, there will be a wedding.

Dreams that can’t log in anywhere, on the street bad weather? Consider that got a warning about the coming bad handling on your part.

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