To dream of dollars

What dream dollars?

Dollars in my sleep

Dollars in my sleep

Spring dream interpretation

If you had the dollars, then you are just a dreamy person, but your dreams are not yet feasible.

Summer dream

To dream the dollars that you want to exchange to another currency, to the loss of financial savings. Worth it to protect yourself from unnecessary expenses.

Autumn dream interpretation

A dreamer who dreamed a lot of dollars, you may be in debt.

Dream Interpretation Longo Yu.

One dollar or more, no matter how many banknotes you dream, it can only mean your desire to get rich quick without any effort. You did not ponder over what may become a source of wealth, because flying in the clouds. But they are not feasible, if we continue to act. No you do not get rich.

Dream Interpretation Vasiliev

This dream presumably dollars can mean your own benefit. Perhaps you are even ready to sell his own love.

Oriental dream book

Dollar dreams should be interpreted as a symbol of future problems. If you keep the money in your hands and understand the terms that there is a shortage, you should be ready to spend more. When the dreamer examines banknotes, it means only that the fate of each person, and in particular the financial situation in the hands of each. If you dream you were lucky to find dollars, in real life, expect change. To replace the worries and failures will come success. Keep the fake dollars in a dream – you really hard to cheat, you are very perceptive, but caution never hurts.

The newest dream book

The dollar could dream of to diseases of the internal organs. You need to listen to his condition.

Seen dollar can speak about fast profits is likely to receive a large inheritance. Of dollars buying or receiving remuneration in that currency in the implementation of personal plans. Cash loss during sleep can be interpreted as your lack of understanding of society. You will be hard to talk with others, but it will not be for long. Very soon you will succeed, and that you are interested in, people will be able to go with you on contact. At the sight of the dollar in the dreaming should think, and whether to start a new business in real life? Because most often it symbolizes the difficulties and failures that may be difficult to survive. To find a dollar in their dreams – to gift in reality.

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