What a dream doll

Doll – a very important character in the dreams of the people. Prinivil she can talk about inner feelings, to have an idiomatic meaning or to predict events in a person’s life. To understand what dream of doll, it is important to remember all the details of the vision, what was it, what were you doing with her, what feelings were aroused by the dummy.

dream doll

To dream of a doll

Autumn dream interpretation

If sleep sees a doll and wants to buy it, but he had no money, so in real life, he sets a comfortable time.

Dream interpretation of psychologist A. meneghetti

For many adults to see a doll in a dream means to return to childhood. Tired of the problems that a person tries to once again become small, and the doll’s favorite attribute of a happy and carefree life helps. Doll in a dream – a sign that the dreamer feels someone’s influence and feels like a puppet in the hands of others.

Children’s dream book

Dreaming about the doll – to feel someone else’s influence and not be able to resist him. To buy the doll for someone to get a gift from a loved one.

Gypsy dream book

To see the doll – the fun and joy.

Play with the doll you should expect fun, joy, happiness.

Losing the doll to be left without a livelihood.

Spring dream interpretation

In this dream doll is a symbol of rejection of adult life. You do not want to take responsibility, looking for easy income and do not enjoy the respect of the others.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The doll in the dream may portend that soon there will be a woman who wishes you evil. In order to explain the vision, you need to remember and match all the parts.

Who had the doll?

Live – your plans violates a woman cover good intentions.

Barbie doll – separation from something or someone is very necessary and expensive.

Doll baby you are in doubt and afraid to take responsibility, to make an important decision.

Voodoo doll – if this doll stuck needle, means that someone is trying to manipulate.

Scary doll – you can get into a dangerous situation.

Porcelain, you can surely to act and to implement their dreams will succeed.

What happened to the doll?

Alive – the disappointment, deception, shattered dreams.

To give a doll for luck, big opportunity.

You gave – profit, a good deal of winning.

A modern dream book

If you had a doll similar to baby, then soon you will discover the qualities, which are not even suspected. If the doll is only a torso, you’ll have to deal with the trouble. Talking doll – surprise, strange news.

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