What a dream in which you see the dog?

A dog in a dream might symbolize many – from the bad news and events to the warning of danger. The interpretation of each dream differs, depending on the circumstances of the dream.

To dream of a dog

What does it mean to see a dog in a dream

Dream Meridian

Dead dog in a dream – a bad sign. Your friendships with the people you will give a big crack. If you have a favorite or favorite, be prepared that he or she is not far from treason. If the animal lies lifeless, and you are struggling to bring it back to life, then your relatives had an accident. You will have to help them with money. If around dead dogs swarming insects, pay attention to their health. Otherwise you have a serious disease.

To dream of a dog that dies, a bad sign. Expect trouble. If she tries at the last gasp to bite you, your friend will soon tell you many unpleasant things.

If you dream you saw that dog go behind you, be careful. Among your friends is a cunning man who builds intrigues you. But you do not even admit the thought of his insincerity. This dream warns you about it.

Gypsy dream book

To dream a dog that suffers from rabies, a warning about the great danger. If you dream you saw his faithful four-legged friend, then you are friends with a person who will never betray you. If in the dream the dog is tearing your clothes, some vile people spreading about you slander and evil gossip. The same value has a dream about a barking dog. To see a large crowd of dogs to military conflicts.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

In the dream, was bitten by a dog – wait for a reprimand from a close friend. Most likely, you commit an unworthy act, and your friend will overwhelm you with reproaches. If in the dream the man saw the dog, which dies from the snake bite, let him more appreciative friends. Otherwise you will strongly regret it. A dream about a dog that bravely protects you, suggests that your friend is very brave and courageous.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If you dreamt that a dog licks your hand, one of your friends will order for you and help you get a good job. The dog in the dream, which is, warns you that you will have to spend some time at home with young children. Meet the dog that comes to meet you on the road, talking about the upcoming misfortune. Dog bite in the dream – for a major change in the fall.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

A big dog in a dream is a symbol of support and patronage. Who will you help and support in the circumstances. Black dog – depression and discouragement. Dog fight – to large home scandal or quarrel.

Esoteric dream book

If you had a huge dog that scared you with its size, so someone of your friends is seriously ill. Aggressive animal – to quarrel with friends. Dog with a white coat says that your friends will help you succeed.

Women’s dream book

Angry dog dream to failure. Your detractors will not be neglected even dastardly deeds, to humiliate you and to admire you in trouble. Try not to allow them to triumph.

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