What a dream that was bitten by a dog?

The dog is a faithful four-legged friend person who would never harm his master without reason. But is it a dream?

Dog bites in my sleep

What does a dream in which a dog bites a

Dream Meridian

If you had a dog, which is already at its last gasp, but she tries to bite you with teeth the hand, wait for unpleasant remarks from his close friend. If the dog wants to bite you, be ready to attack enemies. At the same time pay attention to the behavior of dogs: it explicitly says how will behave your enemies.

What a dream the dog that bites your hand, manifestation of latent hostility from your loved ones. In the interpretation of this dream is a big role playing part. If you have been struggling with this dog, but she still left on your body the marks of bites, then the feud will be obvious. If it didn’t bleed, wait for the hostile attitude on the part of your husband or wife.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Dog bite in a dream – to take offense at a close friend. Dog fight in the dream speaks about the upcoming fight.

Ukrainian dream book

If the dog is attacked in your sleep and bites, expect some adversity. This dream can’t be good. But if such a dream girl, she’s lucky: she would soon marry. If in the dream the dog in fury, tearing clothes and biting you, you may brutally beaten in real life.

Lunar dream book

Bitten by a dog in a dream – betray a close friend.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

Dream bitten by a dog, is to be a great misfortune or the loss of all state.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If you dream you saw a sleeping dog, then you are at a crossroads. Your condition is very loose, you don’t know what to do. If the dog is in the dream highly aggressive, your friend will betray you. But it provoked caused you resentment, so only yourself to blame.

The Egyptian dream book

If the person in the dream was bitten by a dog, is a bad sign. Such a person can easily bring an enchantment or spell. Without the magic and attraction of supernatural forces will not do. Be careful.

Persian dream book

If the dog bites you in your sleep, be prepared for the fact that your enemy will be safe to use against you hostile action. This will happen very soon. This dream is designed to prepare you for this. Forewarned is forearmed.

The Dream Miller

Dog bite in the dream suggests that soon you will not see the world. In business and in personal relationships you will have misunderstandings, quarrels and hostility.

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