Dream interpretation: to see the documents in my sleep

Passport, identity card and other such documents having to empty hassle. There may be some difficulties and delays in business. Had business papers – do not pass unnecessary fuss. Importantly, what were you doing in the dream.

What have the documents in my sleep?

What have the documents in my sleep?

Esoteric dream book

Saw in a dream the identity of a person in order, you should expect good changes in the social sense. Perhaps discounts, privileges.

If your documents are in the dream turned out to be faulty or broken, then waiting for failure. It may happen that you will be denied employment, residence, or will the other difficulties of the social plan.

Received the documents – the situation will develop in the opposite direction.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

You saw a dream in which something to do with a briefcase or folder for papers. This indicates the temporary nature of your difficulties and mistakes. They will give you necessary experience and will help to reach good results.

A warning is a dream in which documents were lost. May be followed by material goods, but the loss of business reputation.

Documents in the dream to see in large numbers – to increase prosperity and success.

To search for documents, but not to find means that your position is precarious, but if found them after a long search – everything is fine. Just do not relax. Competitors are not asleep.

Preparation of documents into neat piles and warns you about the complete futility of a showdown.

Dream promises good luck, if you were presented with a certificate. The future is promising, the case will end successfully. Diploma dream to finding new relationships and Dating.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If in the dream, stole documents and money, is to prepare itself for future situations. Seriously consider their next steps. The potential conflict at work or with friends. Be careful what you say to employees.

Dream interpretation of the modern woman

Covered in this dream interpretation documents versatile.

  • A married woman had a license or a patent? The solution of the dream is that someone will make an effort to suppress her mood and natural gaiety.
  • Marriage in a dream – a sign of future fetters, who by the way will be humiliating.
  • Not a good sign, if you had to put a signature on documents, documents. The dream reports that you face the court. Take care of an experienced lawyer, to the court’s decision was in your favor.

The noble dream interpretation

Get financial help if you had receipts. It will happen unexpectedly.

Had a patent – so good thoughts are still coming. Although it may be too late.

In the dream, vainly looking for some documents? The dream suggests that it will not hurt to reconsider its stance, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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