What a dream doctor

Hardly anyone loves very much to visit clinics and doctors. But if the doctor has visited you in a dream? What does this dream tell different interpreters.

The doctor in the dream

The doctor in the dream

Old Russian dream book

To decrease the sad feelings – that’s what dreams doctor.

In the dream you visited a doctor – expect benefits for themselves and a considerable profit.

Themselves were in a dream, to be a doctor? Will come to you unexpected joy.

When in the dream you had to kiss the doctor, but in reality you are waiting for reconciliation with someone.

See yourself sitting or lying in a medical office? You are expected the disease in three weeks, and hurt you will have exactly the same.

A modern dream book

Seen the doctor often predicts good health and success in all Affairs.

To see yourself in a dream with a doctor in the company of people – in reality will not need to spend money on the services of a doctor.

For a young girl’s dream where she will soon become a doctor’s wife, predicts possible frauds.

To look at me on reception at the doctor – so in reality suffer from some illness or have considerable disagreements with their home.

When in the dream you spoke the famous physician of the past, can in reality achieve considerable success in the folk or official medicine.

Women’s dream book

When you had to dream of the doctor, happily sacrifice your attractiveness for the sake of entertainment events, which, however, are not such victims.

When in the dream you were sick, and the physician is too much concerned about your condition, can I expect any loss and grief.

When the doctor in the dream is looking at you without much trouble – so, surging the disease will go away quickly.

When the dream doctor saw a young girl who has poor health – he predicts a short illness, and a nervous condition.

In the dream you saw that the girl will soon become a doctor’s wife, – in reality soon the deceit is possible.

Family dream book

In the dream the doctor leans over the bed, interpreted as a symbol of approaching disease.

Beheld the ambulance doctor by car – in reality the possible accident.

When you observed the surgeon who performed the procedure – get out of life a real chance to quickly deal with competitors in your business or with a rival in matters of the heart.

You was a doctor – especially in reality, overestimate their own strength. Remember that from errors nobody is insured, therefore it is necessary to behave more circumspectly.

Seen a quack doctor promises disease and anxiety of mind.

Dream visit to the dentist foretells disappointment.

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