Divorce in a dream

If you are intrigued and don’t know what having a divorce, try to analyze your family life. Perhaps the dream is a sign of the end of a serious relationship with your partner. When this dream of an unmarried girl, she should pay more attention to her chosen. Most likely, she is incorrect, so the wedding will not take place.

What dreams divorce

What dreams divorce

Women’s dream book

The symbol is a warning of unpleasant events. A divorce indicates that you are deep down unhappy with her husband or friends want something radically change or to leave certain people. Perhaps someone wants to end the relationship with you. Think about what you can change in this situation, not to stay lonely for a long time.

Dream Interpretation Lofa D.

Divorce: a dream indicates dissatisfaction with a friend or partner. In you lies the desire to divorce her husband or something drastic to alter it. Also, this dream can mean that the recent disagreement or argument with friends led to a strong deterioration of relations.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Divorce in a dream often turns into child support payments. If you had to do this action in the dream, should be prepared for unexpected trouble, of unrest, with regard to financial savings. The long-awaited divorce in the dream – awake the harbinger of happy events or long-awaited establishment of exciting things for the benefit of the dreamer.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

You had to get a large amount of money in the form of alimony in the dream, be happy. Soon you will be able to defeat your opponent in an important case. Your family members waiting for replenishment. When you lose alimony, this is an unfavorable character. Perhaps the dreamer will spend a large sum of money. Divorce in a dream may portend worries.

The main meanings of divorce in a dream

The actual divorce self-incrimination in the case, which may result in a penalty. If you have not found the answer to the question, why is having a divorce from her husband, remember that most often, this means treason. This could happen not only in reality but in thoughts. Think about how your behavior and about the recent actions of the husband.

A dream showing separation from a husband or other person may mean not only love experiences, but also the desire to end the friendship, to remove the emotional attachment. Remember that divorce is not a good sign, so please reconsider your attitude towards others. This will help to avoid serious problems and regrets in the future.

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