What dreams disease dream interpretation

Everyone will worry and worry, seeing the disease in night dreams. Dream interpretation will help to determine the value of dreams and show you what to expect.

Dream interpretation hvoroba

What does a dream about disease

Women’s dream book

If the girl had sick people, she needs to know that the disease is a warning. It is a signal that you need a new look on life. If you dream you was recovering from a painful illness, rejoice, this is a good sign. You can avoid the troubles that are coming at you.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

A woman who saw the sickness of her husband in a dream, the dream warns about a possible cooling of relations or even the betrayal of her husband. Sometimes it means a disease of a close relative. If the dreamer saw a sick mother, he needs to be prepared for the fact that his detractors appear evil intent.

A dream of the serious illness of a child – a disturbing sign, so you need to be ready to strong blows of fate. Perhaps seriously ill or even die, someone from relatives. But if the child in the dream was only slightly colds, nothing bad will happen.

People who saw the cold or a slight illness in a dream, the dream warns of a possible disease in reality. Need to monitor their health. And the stronger you were sick in the dream, the longer will be treated in reality.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The man who saw the sickness in the dream, the dream warns that the body is tired and nerves are frayed. You need to think about the rest. If you are in a dream saw that you are ill, lie in bed, and other fussing around you, think about yourself. This suggests that you are seeking to relieve themselves of worries and lay them on the other. You need to be more responsible and try to solve problems.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

The man who saw the sickness, the dream promises discomfort or unpleasant conversation. Dysentery in the dream warns that you have to be very careful in their Affairs. Failure walks behind you, the slightest mistake or carelessness can destroy all the job.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

Heavy and long illness of a relative in a dream means that in the near future in your civilian life will be a major unpleasant event. It will move the rails all the habitual way of life so that your further well-being will be under a big question.

If you dream you saw a person suffering from a particular disease, the whole interpretation depends on the type of disease. Cancer – quarrel with a loved one, gangrene – painful breakup of a relationship, rabies – who builds against you intrigues. But not all diseases imply a bad sign. Depending on the type of disease in dreams, dream interpretation interpret some of them in a positive way: jaundice is favorable resolution of all issues, edema – healing or recovery.

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