Dream Director: dream interpretation

The lower the position a person holds, the more his fear of leadership. And if the boss suddenly had a dream, and even sleep does not rest, it becomes quite scary. But the dream books give different interpretations, after some really need to wait for trouble, while others promise only a luxury Outlook.

What a dream Director and dream interpretation

What a dream Director and dream interpretation


This interpreter has a lot of different versions about the connection of sleep and Director. If anyone sees in a dream of another person and really understands that what he saw – Director, head and sleep in General has a neutral color, then you need to wait for a good, such as the fulfillment of a cherished desire.

The conversation in the dream with the head of the company where the person works, can lead in real life to career growth, receiving new positions, even leadership. To dream of the Director of the school, which your children, for parents, means that in the near future will have to realize the dream in reality, the conversation is not going to be pleasant for mother and father of the student.

Autumn dream interpretation

According to dream interpretation, the Director, invites you to a meeting or conversation, in reality, the subordinate expects a lot more strength and energy, which he puts in the work. Subconsciously, people dreaming of a chef, is aware, talking with the head, if lifted to a higher level.

Summer dream

Affect the subject in the dream is not just with the Director and the head of the school. The Director symbolizes the imminent employment.

Spring dream interpretation

Seen Director – unconscious man’s fear of the future. This dream can only be made on the next day, a day of fear, excitement and literally and figuratively left in the past.

Ukrainian dream book

You can find several interpretations of a dream, in which appears a Director. The first is to see the chief means to realize his dream, not necessarily associated with a career. The Director of the school dream for a different reason, this is a clear hint that surrounded by a man trying to control life, to intervene and manage.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

The interpreter gives the same as the previous books of dreams interpretation. To see head – to actualise, to talk to him – take a leadership chair. Former Director of in a dream is a reminder of the past fears and the ability to overcome them, career growth and success in business.

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