What have the diamonds dream interpretation

Diamond ring: dream interpretation could mean different things. From a good sign (mutual love) to the hype and parting with a loved one. Diamond still symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

Dream diamonds

To dream of diamonds

Summer dream

If you dream you saw someone robbing a store with jewelry and only selects diamonds and gems, so your time hasn’t come yet. But in the near future you will show what you can do.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Sleep on precious diamonds – a good sign. You expect a promotion, honor, respect, success. If lovers saw in a dream diamonds, so soon they get married. The loss of a precious stone – a warning that you are at fault could lose close heart person.

The newest dream book

Read the latest dream interpretation: there’s diamonds is a symbol of great luck. But you should try. If healthy people saw this gem in the dream, it judges him good health for many years. If such a dream saw the patient, he will get well soon.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Find diamonds – will soon find true love. If the stones were fake, your feelings are deceiving.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If the night had a ring decorated with diamonds, this is a good sign. Your feelings are mutual (this applies to as friendly affection, and love). If the woman in the dream wore on his finger a diamond ring, she soon somebody confesses his love. If the diamond ring was on the finger, someone in your family needs help. Be nice to them, they will have to support in the near future with a kind word or deed.

Combined dream book

Diamonds in a dream – a sign that the family will have prosperity and well-being. If the jewels had been lost, wait for a painful loss.

The Dream Miller

To dream of diamonds and be their owner – a good sleep. Your contribution will be recognized, therefore, expect respect. If the bride saw in a dream that her fiancé gave her the diamonds, then the wedding will be beautiful, and all the friends are sincerely happy. Loss of diamonds to shame, poverty and misery.

The dream dictionary from A to z

A dream in which appears a diamond ring, luxury and enjoy spending time with friends. If a man had his wallet full of large diamonds, he will soon be in the environment of the people who will constantly approve of his actions. If the dream was lost gems, then your dreams are empty, they will never come true in real life.

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