Providing the diamond in a dream?

In the real world diamond is the most durable and expensive mineral, a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Dreams in most cases see this stone means that in life happens for good events change her. But different cases, when the diamond in a dream is in the finish or is lost, can mean not very good news.

diamond in the dream

What a diamond symbolizes in the dream?

Family dream book

Diamond in dreams means, above all, recognition and obtaining the status. For example, for economists, it means the profit in trades and career growth. All people without exception the appearance of the diamond in a dream foretells the recognition of the powerful, lifting up the career ladder.

The loss of a gemstone or fake diamonds don’t mean anything good. Or news of upcoming disappointment in business, or empty, unfulfilled expectations and dreams.

The Interpretation Of Freud

According to psychologist, to dream of a diamond means that the current of love or family relations are strong and unbreakable. If the gems are lost or stolen, it could mean danger for the senses. Most often in a negative sense diamonds see someone in a pair plays a dominant role.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The diamond stands as a symbol of beautiful and cloudless future. If diamond jewelry come in a dream, to find the diamonds, to see a whole bunch of gems provides a significant improvement in the material well-being, marriage or another very pleasant change. As in other dream books, shattered, stolen, or fake diamond is the symbol of loss, can be very expensive or favorite item.

Women’s dream book

Women’s dream book describes diamonds in a dream as a symbol of stability and prosperity, in life and in a sensual relationship. The appearance of these stones in the night visions means that sleeping shortly waiting for respect, honor and recognition.

The negative sign is the dreams when the diamonds steal, especially from the dead. This could mean anything from material losses to the treachery of friends. It can also show remorse for the fact that the dreamer is not honest with those around him.

Spring dream interpretation

Precious stones obtained in the dream, for example, donated or found, to have fun, win. As treated diamonds in dreams we need to hide. To show off the diamond jewelry, try them for rapid improvement in material conditions. But to give another person or to lose the diamond to imminent loss or unforgivable stupidity in business.

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