Had deer, dream interpretation

Most often the horoscopes deer heralds good fortune, happiness and understanding. If in the dream people were involved in hunting deer, such dreams have adverse interpretation.

What dream deer

What dream deer

Women’s dream book

If young people see in the dream deer, it speaks to their deep and pure friendship. For people who are married, this dream foretells a peaceful and quiet life. To kill an animal in a dream – a bad sign. It warns you that your business will fail or you will have serious conflicts with your enemies. To dream little deer is a good sign. This dream promises you friendship with reliable and honest people. If such a dream saw a girl or a guy, they will find true love that will be mutual.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

To dream of a deer running straight at you, means difficulties that are coming at you. If in the dream the deer ran away from you, wait for out of the ordinary events in your area.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

What a dream deer the young girl to a new boyfriend, who can become a groom. In other cases, this animal portends happiness and success.

French dream book

To dream of a herd of deer – a good sign. This suggests that your family will be replenished with new members. To kill an animal – to success in Affairs. If the animal in the dream was aggressive and lunged at you, expect misfortune.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Reindeer in a dream – you have loyal friends. If you drive a reindeer sled, your friends are honest and loyal people. They never abandon you in a moment of unhappiness. If the animal has escaped, you will find well-being. If the deer stands still, you have to engage in a thankless task. If the animal is sleeping peacefully, someone you will spend.

Esoteric dream book

If the girl he dreamed of a deer with beautiful horns, it will be the groom. For a woman this dream promises the emergence of a lover. A strong likelihood that after such a dream husband quarrel with his wife.

Gypsy dream book

If a pregnant woman sees in a dream a beautiful baby deer, she will have a wonderful boy. To kill a deer in a dream – to getting the hereditary share. If you are pursuing deer, but I can’t catch up with him, you should not seek happiness.

Summer dream

Dream newborn deer foretells you that you’re going to work hard to raise their children decent people. If dreamt the girl deer with large horns, she gets a boyfriend, whom she quickly dismissed.

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