What a dream the death of a person

Dreaming is a mysterious and little-studied field, which hides a lot of mysteries. What dream of death? The interpretation of such dreams is presented in a variety of dream books.

What dream of death

What dream of death

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to this dream interpretation death can predict marriage or acquaintance with important people, the grim Reaper is some sort of danger. If it becomes known the date of his departure – this day you die, your enemies. To leave this world – to a long life.

The esoteric dream book Tsvetkov

Death as the grim Reaper – significant changes to the appearance of the child or the news. If such a dream woman, it promises interesting acquaintances and end cases.

Small dream book of Veles

If you dream about death is a classic of its kind (with a scythe, in dark clothes), you may receive fears, no threats or bad news. It can also warn you about the death of friends or of his own death.

Dream Book St. Kaplinskaja

Understand what dream of the death of a person by using a psychological approach. The feeling of death during sleep is psychological (fear, feeling of threat) and physical (the inability to move, helplessness, vulnerability). If during sleep you scared, you should understand the reasons, maybe something is a threat to life. If there are no visible reasons for fear, but in the dream you feel threatened, it says oscillation, any decision.

Care close shows that you think about it and worry. The death of a beloved means the end of a relationship.

Mythological dream book

To see someone die, – to some of the problems. If you know the date of his death is the date of the termination troubles. To see his death to long life. Drowning is a pleasant change.

Dream interpretation of psychologist D. Lofa

If you saw that you did not, you are destined to live long. Lying dead in a coffin – to a small health problems. The death of a friend, who is alive and healthy, foretells disappointment. If you killed someone who has already died is to care close. To see his funeral ceremony is to diseases.

French dream book

What a sick person dreaming of death? Death heralds the deterioration, it can be regarded as some kind of warning.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

To see someone’s death to a long life of that person. Your death means change, update. If time does not use the available resources, you are waiting for decline and failure.

Esoteric dream book

See his care – a long life. Care close promises him a long and prosperous life. The death of masses of people – long existence of all mankind. Death is a serious figure to instability in the country. Care of the sick person predicts the invention of a means from a terrible disease. Painful death in a dream foretells a meeting with a harsh man. Clinical death – the event that will unsettle for a long time.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

The death of a man in a dream promises a long life.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

Own death – a long and happy life with friends and loved ones. If you saw in a dream the death of a famous person, it portends the arrival of the wise ruler. If the patient is dying – soon will meet with injustice. To see the death of many people – to the epidemic. Clinical death – the ability to suffer from the actions of friends.

Assyrian dream book

Death promises longevity.

A modern dream book

Dream death – a sure and solid position and longevity.

Jewish dream interpretation Azar

What do you dream about the death of a person? Death is a symbol of long life. If such a dream patient, so he will get well soon.

Vedic dream interpretation

Death promises a long life.

Symbolic dream interpretation

If you misleading when you leave this world means that then will all trials and tribulations. The death of the other man’s Bode him many years of life. Your death portends a long life.

Ukrainian dream book

Its death in your own home to travel if you are far from home – come back and if the person is imprisoned in some way, he will get rid of them.

Muslim dream interpretation

In this dream interpretation death is viewed positively – the end of suffering, troubles, unpleasant events. This means the completion of important cases or difficult life period. The death of a person in a dream may portend a divorce or separation from him.

The Dream Miller

What do you dream about the death of children? To see children die, – to a happy comfortable life.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream the death of a loved one is an important warning of potential challenges or loss. To hear the voice of a lost friend – to the bad news. Talking to deceased father a warning about the intrigues against you and that you need to think well before to start something or make decisions. Speak with dead mother – a sign that we need to take care of your health. A conversation with the deceased brother – somebody needs your support. To see the deceased resilient — means that there is a probability of making mistakes that will affect your future life. If your family member wants something you promised, this means that you need to follow wise guidelines. The voice of dead relatives is an important warning.

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