What dream dead people?

So bad to dream? Each of the dream books offers his own, sometimes not the worst version.

What dream dead

What dream dead

Psychotherapy dream book

Those who wonder what dream dead man, is ready to work. Only patience and perseverance will help to overcome all obstacles on the way to the goal.

The noble dream interpretation

If in the dream you found dead, anxiety in the future is inevitable. Fears can interfere with the usual rhythm of life.

Small dream book of Veles

Safe position in a critical situation for others.

Killed the stranger – fail important things.

Killed an enemy – a good final situation.

You killed – will be an unexpected pleasure.

Family dream book

What had killed the woman? Alarm not leave her alone.

The woman tries to hide a dead body – time to solve the problem professional plan.

Woman sees herself dead kind of trick on the part of others cannot avoid. Trust the first comer – a big mistake.

The man dreams of a dead man – you need to weigh all the «pros» and «cons» before making important decisions. It is very likely unfair partnership.

Killed parents – the lack of understanding between parents and children. You must think how to correct the situation.

Esoteric dream book

A man was killed in your presence, someone from your inner circle may soon become the victim of an attack.

In the dream, comes the news of someone’s death – probable death of a relative during the performance of official duties.

Killed in a dream comes to life – you can expect sudden weather changes. This dream becomes a harbinger of change in the relationship with the boss or partner, a lover.

French dream book

In the dreams of a murdered man is viewed as a symbol of pleasure. Unhealthy people this dream promises improvement, relief.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Killed someone else – to get rid of your unnecessary fears.

Killed relative or friend – soon a quarrel with him, likely the rupture of relations for a long time.

The Dream Miller

See yourself dead – should be wary of determined enemies. They have all the chances to cause irreparable harm.

One-suicidal – doubt about the decision of vital problems.

Dream Interpretation By Zhou Gong

The dead man with stab wounds bleed – an invitation to a dinner party.

The man with the split head in half – a happy resolution of the situation.

Slavic dream book

What some people dream about dead people? They should reconsider the circle of loved ones. Because soon one of them is destined to become a traitor.

A modern dream book

To dream of someone dead – to the looming sadness. The reason it will be the willful actions of others. There’s a chance to see dream in reality.

A dream about his own death from someone’s hand – someone diligently trying to ruin your life. Beware of envious people around whom you very much.

Killed one relationship on the verge of breaking. This will be significant occasion.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To see the dead themselves – the expectation of universal acceptance and rapid progress.

Dream House of the sun

Had a dead baby – the failure in helping a close person with the great desire to do it.

In this dream killed by a familiar person – a symbol of the past. It will soon make itself felt. It seemed long ago resolved the problem occur again.

Dream Interpretation Hasse

The murder victim – you? You should think about the need to exercise patience in this situation.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Husband murdered in a dream to see – doubt haunted your husband will go. Difficult life problems will be successfully solved.

Man sees a dead wife is the root of all their troubles should look for in himself.

To see slain son should not start anything new.

A woman sees her murdered daughter, it’s time to awaken her femininity. Youth passes – not a reason to give up.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

What dream dead cat woman? Annoying fan will stop trying to win her heart.

Killed kitty – bad intentions detractors will become known to you.

To see who was killed by lightning should not rely only on your opinion. It is not always correct and may affect the Commission of errors.

Dreams about died from shock should drive away the fears. Otherwise, some of them may turn into reality.

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