What a dream in which you see a dead rat?

To meet the rat in reality – not pleasant. Sleep with this animal, too, leaves a terrible impression.

A dream hammered Schoor

What dream dead rat

Dream Meridian

To see a large number of rats in a dream – to betrayal. Be on the lookout, you can substitute at any time the people that you never thought. A dream in which there was a dead rat in black, a warning of impending minor troubles. If in the dream you are running behind a big Horde of rats, so you are a strong person. You can cross through a lot of trouble without severe damage to yourself. If you dream you poison the rats, be prepared for success in business.

Summer dream

If you dream of the rat and you will be so disgusted to look at it, you shudder, be prepared for what your environment will be people that will disgust you.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Killing rats in a dream suggests that in real life you will learn about your enemy. Be prepared for this in time to disarm him and to destroy his criminal plans. This man is more dangerous than you think, so extra caution will not hurt. But your intelligence and intuition will help to win over his intrigue.

If you killed a rat with his bare hands, in real life you are able to deal with the hypocritical friend, the traitor, the existence of which for a long time you didn’t even know existed. You will not need the help and advice of strangers.

If the rat was killed with blood, fortune favors you. But this does not mean that you can relax. On the contrary, you need to make an effort to be attentive, patient and careful.

Women’s dream book

To kill a rat in a dream – a good sign. This dream means that you will emerge victorious from any situation. You will be able to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

What dream dead rat is good luck. Thus the larger the rodent, the greater the success.

Ukrainian dream book

To destroy a rat in a dream – a good sign. You have a wonderful opportunity to escape from the great danger, trouble and trouble.

Small dream book of Veles

If the person in the dream, caught the rat and killed it, then he will be successful in life. He will be able to work around slippery areas and avoid possible danger. If the rodent was still alive, you need to prepare for the worst. This may mean future misfortune or danger. Can even be life threatening. Often, this dream means betrayal of the other.

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