Dream day: dream interpretation from wday

The American dream

According to sleeper, day symbol of the new, the unknown. The beginning of the path.

Day dream

Dream day: dream interpretation

Oriental dream book

If the dream of a clear day – the new good friendships, success in business. It’s a cloudy day dream to losses and in cases fail.

Dream interpretation baby

Seen day speaks of the bright events in my life, but uninteresting, little remembered.

Dream admirers Velez

Prividevshayasya Sunny day – a good sign, a dark, gloomy – not good. To dream the celebration of his birthday – to a long serene life, a foreign holiday – to a large fortune, joy.

Psychological dream dictionary

Prividevshayasya dream day – signal worries about age. Not on the shower place, the constant reflections on what age interferes with something important in the way.

A modern dream book

Came in a dream a day or wait for new joys and Dating. The day is cloudy, dark and gloomy – failures, losses, grief, tears. Day bright, Sunny – joy, happy events and changes.

Dream book 2012

According to the dream, the day is a mirror of the state of current Affairs. What day things that surround you. The day is Sunny, all is well, it’s a rainy day – be alert, ahead of the sorrow, tears.

Dream of the future

Prividevshayasya Sunny day – a good sign, the dark – not good.

The dream of a successful woman

If you saw the day that are just waiting for good news and new achievements. A cloudy day is a bad sign for failure.

Winter dreams

If you dream of a bright day, perfect weather – then things will laditsya, and the mood is excellent, nothing will spoil it. Prividevshayasya cloudy day – a harbinger of the imminent misfortunes, sorrowful events. Often such dreams are the result of a pessimistic view of the world or attempts to run away from my problems, forget about them.

Summer dream

If saw the gloomy rainy day of the accident. A Sunny day leads to success and joy. If it’s a rainy day – the shock, confusion and tears.

Autumn dream interpretation

A rainy day comes in a dream to parting, the sun – to the great joy, and rainy – sorrow, tears.

Spring dream interpretation

To see a cloudy day – the loss of hope, despair. Solar day comes, to Hiking with friends. Day with drizzling rain to the imminent joy that is encouraging.

The Dream Miller

Prividevshayasya day to new achievements, to new acquaintances. If the day is dark and rainy – wait for troubles and failures.

Alphabet of dreams

If something happens to you, bright day is a good sign, he promises joy and new hopes. The day is cloudy, rainy, cloudy – not good. If a Sunny day you can admire city landscapes – so ahead of unexpected troubles and problems. If the day of the winter, frosty, and you see in a dream the beloved – a rival. But the sun’s rays is a good sign, a victory in a love triangle will be yours, and worries about the coldness of the beloved in vain. If you saw the funeral of a clear Sunny day, all will be well, all loved ones will be healthy. For young people this may be the precursor of a joyful and noisy wedding.

Dream Interpretation Of Simon The Zealot

It is a clear day promises joy and gloomy grief.

Dream Book Of Solomon

Prividevshayasya the bright day of happy events. Soon gonna be big, noisy and fun. The day is cloudy and rainy – to sadness, melancholy, unfortunate consequences of all endeavors.

Gypsy dream book

A dream in which was the day that promises a quick meeting with the beloved. The date will be joyful.

Erotic dream book

The day is clear and cloudless the sun means the relationship of the lovers. Quarrels will not, a couple will reign mutual understanding. A rainy day – to quarrel. Partner will not be in the spirit, and that will be the cause of the disorder. Recriminations will bring negative emotions.

The esoteric dream book

Came in a dream a bright day is a good sign, of joy. A rainy day – not good, on the verge of trouble. To dream the celebration of his birthday – to a long serene life, a foreign holiday – to the great joy.

Dream interpretation of the ancient Slavs

If a fine day – on the threshold of joy and happiness, possible imminent wedding or the birth of a child. A cloudy day with drizzling rain to the tears of pain.

Dream interpretation health

A clear day, the sun is the symbol of good health, mental and physical. Anxieties and troubles is not in sight, the mood will be great. Day cloudy and rainy to cold, runny nose, diseases of the upper respiratory tract. If this glimpse, try a couple of days to avoid places with large concentrations of people and dress warmer.

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