What a dream daughter in the dream

Dream Meridian

Want to see your daughter in the dream is dead (and in fact she is alive) means that there will be changes in the relationship with her. Perhaps there will be some events. In addition, if you have children, perhaps you are just very worried about them. When you dream that your daughter died and you have not yet had children, nothing to worry about.

sleep daughter

What had a daughter, dream interpretation

Dream Interpretation Tarot

Expected to look after the daughter in a dream – to a positive solution of cases.

Women’s dream book

The one who sees in dreams his own daughter, should be taken into trouble as a way of obtaining spiritual harmony. If a young relative is showing to you in a dream the negativity, bad comments about you, then you should expect troubles and reality.

Summer dream

Who saw suffering for unknown reasons, the daughter in a dream, to think, it’s trouble and sorrow. Also good to see his night dreams, a daughter who neglects your attention.

Autumn dream interpretation

He saw in a dream my own daughter, we should not immediately worry about her health. If she is careless towards you, you should expect a pleasant surprise.

Small dream book of Veles

To see his daughter to troubles and grief;

The birth of a daughter to an unexpected meeting, and sudden event;

Daughter dies – trouble, costs extra money.

Erotic dream book

Dream of the woman her daughter because she needs to feel in safe hands, to be desired. If such a dream came to the man, so he has unfulfilled sexual requests.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Children in dreams can promise different things. To dream of a daughter – to the small trouble, but if a girl does not pay attention to their relatives, it is possible that soon you will marry her. By the way, all sorts of trouble, as a rule, come to an end, then there are the long-awaited surprises.

Old Russian dream book

If you dream of a daughter who dies before his death, so, you need to pay the bills. In the dream, where there is some relation to be wary. If in the dream there was a pregnant daughter, it is the embezzlement, loss of state.

Spring dream interpretation

If you thought in the dream that her daughter cheerful and happy, expected a quick arrival and tranquility. If the daughter is unhappy and cries, it will only bring additional experiences. To see a girl at the wedding ceremony – before the brief relationship between spouses. To see her daughter during labour to generate wealth and profit.


To see a dream, where a daughter was born to surprises, and if dead, to unnecessary cost, in loss of money.

French dream book

Each time children visit in their dreams only to profit or the good society, but if you’re dreaming of marrying your own daughter, it’s future love games.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If a man dreams that he sees his daughter, it is for him as the image of a guardian angel that will guide to success, new beginnings, but, depending on the manner of conduct of the girl, maybe to failure. If this dream was a woman, it will only bring hardship, excitement.

Jewish dream interpretation Azar

In whatever situation you dreamed your daughter, expect only sorrow and trouble.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

If comes in a dream daughter, it is to be expected after the losing streak the good news, pleasure. If her behavior seems unpleasant, in reality, we should expect unpleasant news.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle the zealot

The daughter comes in my dream only to individuals who are waiting for life’s difficulties.

Dream book of white magician Yuri Longo

A daughter who dreamed a dream of parents, only symbolizes the close relationship, and this dream provides no information, if your loved one is just away and you think about him often. If you dream of a relative that lives with you, then maybe she is in danger. In this case, to guard, to protect a child from harm.

Esoteric dream book

In this dream his daughter symbolizes a state of mind and family relationships. There is no difference who saw her in the dream, mom or dad. If she seems sick and unhappy, it’s worth thinking about food for the soul. When she seems in a good mood, it means that you everything is correct. To give his daughter in marriage, according to the esoteric interpreter of dreams, the death of a relative. But if I see in my dreams of another child in the wedding process, this is the same girl. The dream interpretation considers the child as a reflection of the soul of a sleeping person.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Worthy of attention should be paid to the details of sleep on children. In the dream Filomena about her daughter describes the situation in which the daughter. For example, drunk describes what parents have to feel shame for the behavior of his child. If in your dreams daughter sleeps naked, you should more carefully guard their secrets from others. But if your dream was tears and had a daughter, it is likely that the girl really issues that she is not willing to share with members of his family.

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